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Callie Schroeder

Account Manager

On Point With Her Clients Just Like the Latest Fashion Trend.


About Callie

Callie loves and thrives off the fast pace of agency life. Her passion for process and organization makes her a formidable client-facing force. She loves to watch her clients’ businesses grow, and challenges boring, predictable, and otherwise mundane ways of doing things in the name of marketing success.

She’s our onsite conflict management specialist continually reminding us conflict is neither good nor bad; it just is. Her holy grail is The Mall where all things seem right and happy in the world.

Callie gets better by continuing to learn to inspire those around her, pushing her team and clients to their fullest potential.

She loves country music and those summertime feels and yes, she speaks very loudly. Always. She knows that – it’s simply because she’s just so darn passionate about life.

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