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Reece Hebel


Mad Tech Skills We Didn't Know Humans Were Capable of.


About Reece

As a developer Reece builds functionality. She works with parts of the front-end and back-end to tailor solutions for clients. She has worked directly with clients with varying degrees of technical knowledge and can offer advice when needed when a client is confused.

Her most used technical skills include: C#, SQL, VB, ASP, javascript, and ColdFusion.

Outside of the office she enjoys music, movies, and video games (DOTA 2 if you dare to challenge her!) Reece enjoys skateboarding and says the feeling of finally landing a trick that put you on the ground so many times is very rewarding. We take her word for it.

Reece gets better by learning from her mistakes and keeping updated notes when documentation seems lacking.

She created her own website recently as a way to build out functionality and uses the platform for blogging as a way to improve her writing skills.

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