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The Inbound Curve: Common "Issues" New Clients Face

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Posted by: Jen Keul on Tue, Jul 11, 2017

What if I told you it was all normal? That wary feeling in your gut and that struggle to hand over the reigns are the exact things you should be feeling when you decide to partner with a digital marketing agency. It demonstrates the passion you have for your brand and the belief you have in your products and services. And that passion is exactly what you need to begin a transformational journey with your newfound marketing agency. 

Here at Leighton Interactive, we have a name for the bumps, twists, and turns you might encounter on that journey: the inbound curve. 

The Inbound Curve and Client Relationships 

The Inbound Curve: Common "Issues" New Clients Face

The inbound curve is a type of learning curve that's specific to inbound marketing, and you're not alone in experiencing it. We've been helping our clients set benchmarks, shape their brands, implement inbound, and smash their goals for the better part of a decade. And during that time, we've uncovered quite a few issues that surface again and again as we build client relationships. They can seem big at first, but what's even bigger is the results you can experience when you loosen the reigns and allow both experience and expertise to bolster your business.

Here's a list of the most common issues clients, my client services team, and myself have encountered - and overcome - together. 

Unbalanced Communication

Finding the right level of communication always requires a little back and forth. Too much communication can cause damage to client relationships just as easily as not enough communication can. The solution here is to be open and honest about the level of communication you are receiving and let us know if you need more or less. 

Once a project or campaign is in full swing, we make it a priority to keep clients updated on progress, approvals, and any potential hiccups. This effectively prevents any surprises from showing up and allows us to make revisions without needing to push deadlines. 

Not "Getting It"

No one on our team became inbound experts overnight, myself included. There's so much to learn, from the vocabulary and processes to the segments and variations. Because it's grounded in inbound marketing, our approach has consistencies across the board, but in just as many ways, our approach is adapted client by client. No two businesses are the same, and no two inbound marketing campaigns are the same either. 

Every member of our client services department is committed to helping you understand as much about inbound as you'd like. Seriously. We love inbound from the biggest picture items all the way down to the granular nuggets. If your head starts to spin, though, know that we're happy to be the experts, and our clients are welcome to know as much or as little about inbound as they like. 


When the outcome of a project or campaign is different from the client's objectives, it can usually be traced back to a lack of clarity. Our client services team is dedicated to uncovering every bit of information through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, conference calls, and email exchanges. Still, sometimes the right questions aren't asked or the full answers aren't provided.

In order to fuel innovation and truly achieve a client's objectives, there needs to be an openness on both ends. When this occurs, you'll transition from having "Outcomes Vs. Objectives" to "Outcomes and Objectives." And this is exactly where you want to be to start seeing the results you're hoping for. 

Riding the inbound curve doesn't always go smoothly, but you're never alone on the journey. While you're experiencing some of the growing pains associated with getting out of your comfort zone and working toward a success story of your own, we're right by your side. 

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Jen Keul

About The Author

Jen Keul

As the Vice President, I build strong, personal relationships with each and every client that partners with Leighton Interactive. I love helping clients achieve their goals, dreams, and visions in ways they never thought possible. My daily schedule consists of meeting with clients, communicating client information to the inbound marketing team, and managing account managers. When I'm not busy with client work, I love to relax and spend time with my two amazing kids.


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