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Glacial Wood

A Custom, Hand-Crafted Partnership

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In business they say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

In Glacial Wood’s case, it came down to who knew us. Word-of-mouth, the type of marketing money can’t buy, brought Glacial Wood and Leighton Interactive together.

Glacial Wood
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Who They Were and What They Needed

As an established business with a strong history and reputation, Glacial Wood recently came under new ownership. They needed a marketing partner who could find balance between maintaining Glacial Wood’s legacy and accomplishing its vision for the future. Glacial Wood’s new owners brought with them decades of business experience and old wounds from failed relationships with marketing agencies. They knew a marketing partner was what they needed, but they had a bad taste leftover from previous traditional, outbound marketing companies.


Where We Came In

Glacial Wood attended a Leighton Interactive CHUG event – where current and prospective clients come together to learn about inbound marketing and brainstorm. They came in not knowing what inbound was, but knowing everything they’ve read and heard about inbound made them want to be a part of it. After learning our client base was filled with respected companies Glacial Wood’s interest only grew. What tipped the scales was the passion and vision Glacial Wood witnessed throughout the Leighton Interactive family. They saw it, our culture and belief in how inbound marketing is supposed to be done. From there, a partnership was born.

A Relationship Founded on Mutual Philosophies

Business success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Glacial Wood gets that, and we couldn’t be happier. The conversation is about how we market. We don’t guarantee what the result will be, but we guarantee that there will be results. And whatever they will be, we will learn from them together. Inbound’s systematic approach to how we take action set Leighton Interactive apart from the other marketing companies they had experienced. Glacial Wood is in it for the long haul, and we’re looking toward a bright future together.


Numbers Aren’t Everything, Trust Is

Every inbound recipe is different, and finding that just right combination takes time. Glacial Wood is ready to let inbound work for them. They’re not making quarterly decisions; they’re looking at a big picture and makes decisions based on what will lead to long-term, continuous success.

Improvements require change, but change doesn’t mean improvement. With inbound marketing, we’re able to provide data and rationale supporting which changes lead to success and which ones do not. This process allows successes to be duplicated and built upon. And Glacial Wood’s future successes are based on data and a process for how it needs to be done.

We’re not committing random acts of marketing - we’re building something great.

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