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When Leads Don’t Convert, the Blame Game Begins

Part of this article originally was published by Sales & Marketing Management. It was written by Paul Nolan and the sections used in this blog appear below in their entirety.

It's the end of the quarter — and you see your boss approaching your desk. "How did we perform this quarter?" They ask, leaning over your chair. And then suddenly, your heart sinks in... "We didn't hit our numbers for leads generated, but they aren't converting." You say to yourself — not out loud, of course. Instead, you say something like, " Our leads aren't converting because...

'The sales team isn't following up on the marketing team's account-based marketing (ABM) efforts on LinkedIn.'

'The content marketing team missed the mark on the last few blogs; they don't align with our Buyer Persona.'"

And the list goes on... when times are tough in the business world, we tend to lay blame on others at our company.

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