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About the Transparent Tribe

Offices are a lot like dormitories. A bunch of people with a few commonalities thrust together, forced to make it work. Leighton Interactive is nothing like that. Think of us as sophomore year. We’re all together with whom we want to be after surviving the dorms. Handpicked- everybody in their right seat. That’s actually not a cliché; it’s a cornerstone of our business. There is nothing more important to us than our people, our Transparent Tribe. Don’t get us wrong, we’re insanely proud of our work- and it works- yet we know we can’t create the level of work we do, with the passion we have without relying on our people.

Tribes are about faith - about belief in an idea and community. Individual empowerment is a big piece of that, and our talent and personalities complement our desire and drive to succeed. We have beer drinkers and teetotalers, Republicans and Democrats, athletes and musicians, rule-followers and blatant bad asses, the criers and the stoic, sarcasm and sugar, right brain and left brain thinkers, analyticals and huggers, coffee junkies, candy junkies, clean desks, disasters, and a dozen and a half different bios.

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We are Leighton Interactive and we are a tribe. Taking care of our brand is just as important as taking care of yours, and we faithfully devote time and energy to building and bettering our tribe each day, week, and month. We encourage people to push themselves further. Get outside their comfort zone. Learn new things, get better at old things, and be innovative.