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Brooke Heilman

Account Manager

Sharpshooter | Recovering Perfectionist



Brooke is wholeheartedly dedicated to her clients and uncompromising in her attention to detail. It’s a role she was born to fulfill. Alongside psychological ownership for anything she commits to, Brooke is deliberate, calculated, and assesses risk before she executes. Not unlike a sniper, we now realize.

She enjoys new travel adventures as much as she enjoys nights in, evading her daughter’s questions about taking dance class, and anything al fresco. Her favorite color is black and that’s how she takes her coffee, too. #sniper

Brooke gets better by reminding herself life is a journey and not a destination. For her, there is so much importance in just starting.

Brooke’s number one goal in life (and meetings) is to make people laugh — it fills her cup. You know, about half-way.

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