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Jashmin Nakarmi

Graphic Designer

Layout Expert, White Space Junkie, and Artist Extraordinaire


About Jashmin

Jashmin believes in a simple mantra: follow your passion. The results of it may be slow, and utterly hard to achieve, but the fact that you tried and that is your biggest achievement.

She was born and raised in Lalitpur, Nepal. She is fluent in four languages: Nepali, English, Newari, Hindi, and limited in Korean. Yes, we are impressed too. If she weren’t a designer, she’d be a cook. Life is food, perfectly painted with music, and she can’t live without either.

Jashmin gets better by being open to critique and failure. She believes there is no such thing as wasted effort. Each effort made and chance taken leads to a better destination, and a better her.

Jashmin is a major clean freak, but not to the point of O.C.D. She doesn’t drink coffee but will be up for green tea anytime. Her coworkers believe it’s only a matter of time in that regard. Above all, her dream is to travel and be absolutely carefree without anything weighing too heavily on her mind.

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