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Need Info on One Squared 2018? 

Ask Our Event Team About One Squared

Do you have questions about the event's format, featured speakers, sponsoring any portion of the day, or bulk tickets? We want you to be as prepared as possible before registering, so ask away. 

Some of our FAQ include:

  • Why is the event in Minneapolis? To make travel easier for a heck of a lot more people
  • When does early bird registration end? December 31, 2017
  • What does One Squared Mean? Feed both your sides - Personal & professional
  • How can I convince my boss (or team) I need to go? - Try handing over a latte before asking
  • What's the agenda like? - It's a powerful day full of incredible speakers, brands, and yes, cocktails
  • Who benefits from attending? - If you're reading this, you already likely know that YOU do!

Your turn - simply fill out the form and ask us your most burning question!

One Squared Event Questions