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Three Reasons to Consider a Marketing Agency for Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

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Updated By: Melissa Fransen on Wed, Oct 26, 2016

Imagine that you’ve been tasked with growing leads for your business by 26 Percent by the end of next year

You are currently only tracking at seven percent. You have an aggressive challenge in front of you. Welcome to the world of marketing – I’m sure you know the challenge of hitting aggressive goals on a daily basis. It’s a challenge we face day to day – it can be a lot of pressure to keep the leads growing month after month, but it’s exciting and it’s why we do what we do, because we are marketers, and we love it.   

 Now, let’s get back to the challenge and take a look at your options for hitting your goals: 


  • Option 1: You can take a look at your current internal team, processes, and strategies in place, and determine if you have what you need to take your marketing to the next level and achieve your goals. Can your current efforts meet this challenge? What if you need to train your staff? Do you/they have the capacity to train and implement new technology? Do you have the tools needed to make this happen? Marketing and customers are continuously changing and going digital, are you ready for marketing to the new world of how customers buy?
  • Option 2: You can consider bringing in an inbound team of experts to help supplement your current strategies and efforts. Experts who are trained in the tools, methods, and practices needed to generate leads and foster growth. 

But … for option two, like many at first, you may be hesitant. You have a brand to protect. You have goals to meet. How do you know that you’d get the ROI by working with an inbound agency?  Well, inbound agencies are born for challenges like this and more. Basically, anyone interested in growing their business … that’s who inbound agencies want to work with. And the best part … you don’t need to sacrifice a thing. Let’s take a closer look at why you might consider an agency for your inbound marketing efforts.


1. Inbound Marketing Agencies Know Inbound Marketing


First, let’s take a closer look at Inbound Marketing. What is it? Learn more about Inbound Marketing here. Basically, inbound marketing includes: creating personas, content creation, website development and analytics, social media, analysis, and more. The full team at Leighton Interactive is Inbound Certified and lives and breathes inbound. When working with Leighton Interactive, you will be working with a team of experts focused on growing leads and growing your business. Leighton Interactive has the tools, the technology, and the skill set needed to grow your business. The advantage to you? There's no need to train your current staff or worry about how to get there. An agency can step in to help and include you and your team in the mission. It's a partnership.


2. Inbound Agencies Are Held to Results


Think about your goal and what you have to accomplish. Everything that is done is based on getting results for your goal. Do you want to increase website traffic? Do you only want more leads? Do you want both? At Leighton Interactive, we start with the goal first. Then we back up, take a look at the overall picture and then put strategies into place to hit the goal. Check out these case studies highlighting some examples of our results.  


3. Inbound Agencies Work With You


At Leighton Interactive, you can have as much or as little involvement as you’d like with all of the details of inbound. Before we even start working with a client, we learn their brand, we learn their business, we learn their customers, we learn their current strategy, and so much more. We are basically an extension of their company, with a sole focus of hitting those clients' goals.

Each client is paired with a single member of our account team and can expect regular communication from their account manager. Progress reporting occurs on a monthly basis. The reporting includes data, charts, analytics, and a recommendations section for the next month based on what is, and isn't working. Clients are also included in reviewing campaign strategies, blog topic direction, and social media direction, so you are aware of the communication strategy being developed for the next month. Beyond this, you can have as little or as much involvement in the full process. 


back to your challenge


So, let's get back to your challenge. You have an aggressive goal in front of you. How can you achieve it?

Inbound agencies can help you achieve results. First, they know inbound marketing and what works. Second, they are held to results. And, last, they work with you and you can have as much/as little involvement as you'd like. All of this can take place, while protecting your brand, meeting your goals, and proving ROI. What do you have to lose by checking into and considering this option? Nothing. But you stand to have a lot to gain. 

What other questions can we help you answer? Contact us at any time.

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