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4 Tips for Successful Demand Gen

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Updated By: Jennifer Lawrence on Tue, Aug 07, 2018

The demand generation tactics I’ll be covering are all about ensuring your efforts don’t produce results that fall short of your expectations, because let’s be real, nobody wants that.

Successful Demand Generation Tactics

If you’re completely new the demand generation, I covered what it is and why it’s worth your attention here. If you’re uninterested in reading up on demand gen, know this: demand marketing is a fully integrated approach to ensuring all company efforts are aligned and working together toward your goals. Without further introduction, here are four demand generation tactics that can bring you success.

4 Tips for Successful Demand Gen

1. Know Your Funnel

Demand generation, like many other marketing efforts, has to do with a funnel. For demand gen specifically, it is essential to know which components of your strategy to bring out during different stages. Remember TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU? They’re back as one of the top demand generation tactics.

2. Switch Your Focus

One of the most important things to understand is the difference between demand generation and lead generation because it’s common to mix them up.

While lead generation is about capturing a prospect’s information so they can be marketed to, demand generation focuses on engaging and educating prospects first. Know that with demand generation the focus is on sharing the value your product or service provides, not getting prospects to fill out a form.

3. Rethink Email Marketing

Take an honest look at your email marketing efforts. Have they been performing as well as intended? Are clicks and click-through rates down? It might be time to rev up A/B testing to ensure you’re sending emails with the highest likelihood of engaging recipients. If you’ve gotten lax on email marketing efforts, you might be providing your users with a robotic experience.  

4. Amp Up Content Creation

You might have already heard about the connection between demand gen ROI and inbound marketing. Content strategy has a huge impact on metrics for both, and most successful demand generation campaigns will include plenty of valuable content. One place to start is by identifying areas where you can increase content generation on a consistent basis.

In content creation and these other areas, consistency is key. In order to get the demand generation ROI you want, it’s going to take some time. If you’d like some help getting your demand generation campaign off the ground, get in touch.

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