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5 Tips to Stay at the Top of the Marketing Strategy Game

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Updated By: Dan Soldner on Tue, Nov 20, 2018

The world is changing. Technology is changing, by the hour, and by the minute. With things moving so fast, what are some ways to stay on top of your game with your marketing strategy? Here are some things I do to stay on top of my game as an inbound marketer.

1. Surround yourself with a great network 

5 Tips to Stay at the Top of the Marketing Strategy GameOne of the best things you can do in your career is building a strong network of colleagues and professionals in your field.  Surround yourself with others who make you better and those who want to see you succeed. Check in with them now and then to catch up. What’s working for them? What successes are they seeing? In return, what have you seen that might help them? Information sharing can be very valuable - keep a pulse on your people. 

LinkedIn is a great tool to help you stay connected to others in your network and find industry-specific articles and news. Check out groups that interest you and join in on the conversations. You never know what you might learn and what connections you might make.

The bottom line is this: If you have the opportunity to learn from others, take it. Learn their story. Learn about their vision. Learn about their successes and failures. Try to take every opportunity to listen to the experiences of others, and you might end up with advice to help shape you and your career.


2. Attend Conferences 

Over my career thus far, I’ve attended a lot of different industry conferences and they have been very valuable. Just a few short months ago, I attended INBOUND 2018 at the Boston Convention Center. The conference was to get a pulse on how inbound marketing is changing and evolving as we move into 2019. As consumer behavior continues to change, brands need to reevaluate their marketing strategies to ensure they don't lose their leadership position and fall in with the pack. I found myself inspired at every turn during this conference. Year in and year out, INBOUND inspires me to always think ahead and adapt with the changes that seem right. 

These days, you can find a conference for just about any topic. Attend conferences to network with others and attend the seminars that can expand your way of thinking.

If you’re looking for a great, educational marketing event to attend, be sure to check out Leighton Interactive’s One Squared conference in April 2019. This one-day event features an all-star list of speakers, a killer lunch panel, and an overall focus on strategies to grow your professional and personal self. Definitely a conference you don’t want to miss. 

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3. Ask Questions

When you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know about a new app or a new tool, ask questions. Ask your co-workers. Ask your friends. Heck, if it's about emerging technologies, ask your friends' kids or your grade-school cousins about what social platforms they use and what apps they use most. It's surprising how much you can learn by asking questions. 

If you hear of something new, push yourself to expand your knowledge of what’s trending and on the cutting edge. If your customers or personas happen to be utilizing a new technology, you may want to research it and potentially invest in it to ensure you maximize your impact and resonate with your customer. It's about being the expert in the eyes of your clients, and asking questions can get you there.


4. Get training

Participating in trainings and earning certifications is a great way to learn new things and expand your skills. HubSpot has a series of certifications available, including one free certification open to anyone. Just about anyone stands to benefit from additional trainings, even when they're not directly tied to job duties. A training course can expand your understanding and challenge the way you think. Basically, investing in learning usually pays you back one way or another. 

In addition, I’ve invested in other business training over the years on general business practices, sales training, and growing myself.

Are you taking the time to invest in yourself and continuing to train yourself on new topics and technology related to your field? Take the time to continue to grow personally and professionally – you are worth the investment. 


5. Enjoy the Ride

With the marketing world changing so rapidly (as it does), try your best to enjoy the ride. Change is happening all around us, and it’s important to stay positive, inspired, and open to new ideas and technology. Basically, when you find yourself getting too comfortable, look back on this list and pick at least one way to become uncomfortable again. Embrace each new opportunity with a good attitude and a smile. Challenge yourself to learn and grow.

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Dan Soldner

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Dan Soldner

Dan believes that marketing has one purpose: to generate sales leads. He is certain the best marketing tactics and sales people are decision-making facilitators, not yes getters and being customer-centric is the only way to be successful in the long run. Dan started Leighton Interactive in 2009 with a vision to help high-growth companies attract and close more ideal customers. A perpetual student of sales and marketing, Dan focuses on two things: finding clients with problems Leighton Interactive solves and talent with the expertise to solve them.

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