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6pk of Reasons to Attend One²

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Updated By: Clare Richards on Tue, Sep 20, 2016

Your life is busy. You likely have a queue that stretches a mile long of all the events you want/need to attend. From luncheons, to seminars, to all-day conferences. There’s a lot to be had in any industry- we get that.

So you might be thinking, why should I give One² the time of day? After all, it’s just one more marketing conference amongst many in the Central Minnesota area, right?

Nope. Trust us when we say: we’re over it, too. We’re done with subpar marketing events where the most interesting thing is the donuts and coffee. We’re done with standard information regurgitation. We’re ready for a change.

That’s what One² is all about: change. We’re changing it all up. This isn’t just an event focused on growing your marketing knowledge. No, this is more personal than that. One² was born from a desire to bring people together to grow both professionally and personally. We know how hard it is to separate out work/life balance. So we’ve decided it’s time to feed both.

We’re going to have awesome speakers there like Willow Sweeney and Dan Tyre to talk about life and growth. There will be hands-on training and you’ll walk away to concrete ways to improve the way you do business, from sales to marketing. Still not convinced? Check out this 6pk of reasons why you should be there on October 13.




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A deep love of art and design drives me as I navigate the ever-changing waters of marketing. I am constantly looking for new and better ways to give the inbound marketing methodology the beautiful face it deserves. As the Art Director, I ensure that all of the design work we produce is top notch and designed with a purpose. When I’m not trying to solve creative problems, my life revolves around my family and friends, my passion for music, and my addiction to stories.

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