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A Week-Long Vacation Should Be Mandatory, Not a Privilege

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Updated By: Lora Huhn on Fri, Apr 24, 2015

When you hear the word “Vacation” you may start to think of white sand beaches, palm trees, and tasty rum drinks with umbrellas in them. I know I do, this may be because I just got back from a week-long family vacation to Florida and the Bahamas. You read that right, A WEEK-LONG vacation! I know what you’re thinking… Who does that? How can you be away from work for so long? What will people think? And the answers to these questions are: Me, planning, and I should do that.

VacationThere are many schools of thought on the subject of vacation. Thoughts such as: You should never use your vacation time because that shows what a dedicated worker you are. You better use up all of your paid vacation, otherwise you’re throwing away money. If you’re able to be gone an entire week or more, then you don’t have enough responsibility. I couldn’t disagree more with any of these statements. A week-long vacation should be mandatory - not a privilege. Let me explain.

When I was a first-year accounting student, a discussion on fraud really stuck with me. One of the first things we were told is ‘your integrity is everything’, the other piece of advice that hit me like a ton of bricks was, “the employees that never take a vacation are the ones that you should look into.” Then we were told story after story of the “dedicated” employees that were never sick, never took time off, and were always the people you could count on. Then an emergency came up and they were not able to make it to work for a few days and it was revealed that they were embezzling money or in the middle of a fraud scheme. Is this proof that only “bad” employees don’t take vacations? No. But it is a good reason to make vacation mandatory.

We have all heard numerous reasons why we should take a vacation: it increases our health, productivity, and overall happiness, etc. etc.. We all know this, so why are we still not using our vacation? Social stigma is one reason. We’re worried about what others will think if we are away from our office for an extended period of time. We need to change the way we think, talk, and react when we hear someone is taking a vacation from the office. Instead of give them a hard time, congratulate them and ask them how you can help.

The other reason we fear vacation is the work load. Worried we’ll come back with all of last week’s tasks to catch up on as well as the current work load waiting for us. Delegation is needed. Everyone has an inherit urge to want to help. If you need help, ask for it. Working ahead and planning ahead are musts for a stress-free vacation. I planned ahead, got help from some fellow tribe members, and came back with only a few tasks to get me up to speed. What an amazing feeling!A vacation doesn’t need to break the bank to be beneficial. One of the best vacations I ever took was a week at home catching up on house projects and relaxing in the hammock with a good book. The kids went to day care, my husband went to work, and I got some much needed quiet time to do what I wanted, when I wanted.

We can get stuck in the day to day tasks of our job, sometimes we just need to break away, regroup, and come back ready to kick ass and take names. A little vacation may be just what you need.


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Lora Huhn

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Lora Huhn

I love numbers! I get a rush pouring through data and finding useful information to keep our company happy, healthy, and growing. As the Administrative Assistant here at Leighton Interactive, I get to combine my loves of numbers, helping, and organizing. I wear many hats and wouldn’t have it any other way. Out of the office you can find me out on adventures with my boys or chilling in my favorite chair with a bottle of wine and a good book.

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