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Free High-Resolution Texture Pack #1

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Updated By: Clare Richards on Thu, Jan 16, 2014

Free texture packs are a great way for designers and marketers to improve their materials while not putting a dent in their budgets. I already discussed and shared some of my favorite places for free resources, so I thought it was time I gave back to the community.

TEXTURE packet all image 600px resized 600

I have created a set of high-resolution textures that you can use in any of your materials, commercial free with no restrictions. These free images were created using some recent issues of National Geographic and an organic cleaning solvent, called Citra Solv. View the entire process for yourself on YouTube. It’s extremely easy and fun to do:

  1. Get an issue of National Geographic, post year 2000.
  2. Spread, squirt or brush Citra-Solv onto the pages. Close magazine. 
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes.
  4. Spread sheets apart and hang to dry.
  5. Get creative! Use as wrapping paper, shoot them for textures, tear and assemble as collages, paint over them, sky’s the limit!

For those of us working with Photoshop, you can create endless variations of each piece with some color and digital alterations. I have enhanced the color on several of these to give them a little extra punch. They are crazy and colorful and have a lot of potential. Use them to create abstract art, motivational posters, postcards, web backgrounds, photo overlays or in your presentations. Your own creativity is your only limitation.

Here are some examples of digital pieces I have created.

Examples 600px resized 600

I hope you enjoy working with these free textures and I look forward to seeing your creations. Post a comment in the blog section below with a link back to your work or tag us on Twitter

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