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Content with Good Design is Like Music to Our Ears

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Updated By: Clare Richards on Fri, Jul 31, 2015

Music is the thing that connects us. Music can take you to a time and place in just a few notes. Music triggers emotions and memories, and helps shape us as individuals.

A 2-month long inbound-based campaign was built on this power of music. It generated $6,546 from 49 funders - all donations went to providing an iPod shuffle, headphones, and music to residents at Walker Methodist who needed it most. But more importantly, it raised awareness among those dealing with memory loss, the senior living industry, and local communities.

The Beginning of the Journey

Walker Methodist, an organization that specializes in lifestyle, housing, and healthcare services for older adults in the Minneapolis metro, partnered with MUSIC & MEMORY℠ in the fall of 2014. MUSIC & MEMORY℠ is a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of those with memory loss.

Together, we created Walker Methodist's Miracle of Music campaign, where we used content, social media, graphics, video, print, and public relations to raise awareness about how music can bring Alzheimer’s and dementia residents to life. 

Music has the ability to activate more parts of the brain than any other stimulus. We got to witness those who seemed dazed and uninvolved become assertive, talkative, lively, and happy under the influence of music. 


We identified early on that our messaging on this topic could get complex quickly, with the amount of information we had to convey:

  • Benefits of music on the brain
  • The power it has on dementia patients
  • Comparison to current prescription therapies
  • Ways our readers could get involved

Rising Up to the Challenge

We created an infographic to simplify the complexities, while still providing all the information needed to educate and raise awareness. To raise awareness, we used this powerful visual to attract viewers to Walker Methodist's website, their Indiegogo campaign, and the MUSIC & MEMORY℠ movement through blogs, social media and public relations.


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Music to Our Ears

This piece of attraction content helped the Miracle of Music campaign generate over $6,500 in just two months. Aside from posting this infographic in a blog and sharing it socially, we also printed out the infographic and hung it throughout Walker Methodist’s 10 communities to raise awareness and understanding of MUSIC & MEMORY℠. Our campaign was even featured on KNSI news radio and WCC04 news. The Miracle of Music campaign, content, and visuals raised awareness to help enhance the lives of Walker Methodist’s memory care residents and all those dealing with memory loss.



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Clare Richards

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Clare Richards

A deep love of art and design drives me as I navigate the ever-changing waters of marketing. I am constantly looking for new and better ways to give the inbound marketing methodology the beautiful face it deserves. As the Art Director, I ensure that all of the design work we produce is top notch and designed with a purpose. When I’m not trying to solve creative problems, my life revolves around my family and friends, my passion for music, and my addiction to stories.


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