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Downloadable Marketing Strategy Checklist: 30 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Updated By: Jen Keul on Fri, Sep 28, 2018

If you're like me, the end of summer signals the time to ramp up your planning for the new year. It’s a time for reflection and a time for goal-setting, and it's never too soon (or too late!) to work on improving your marketing plan. Here are five crucial elements to consider.

  1. Downloadable Marketing Strategy Checklist: 30 Questions to Ask YourselfWebsiteWith 81 percent of shoppers conducting online research before buying, it is more important than ever to ensure your website is performing at the optimal level.  
  2. SEO StrategiesWith 89 percent of consumers using search engines for purchase decisions, it’s important they can find you in their search.
  3. Content – Content is continually becoming more important in marketing for today’s world. And, not just any content, but content that is tailored to your target market or persona.
  4. Branding – First, explore the five components of a strong brand. Making sure your branding is at the top of its game is critical to ensuring a top-notch marketing strategy.
  5. Smarketing – If you haven’t heard this term, smarketing = sales and marketing. Aligning sales and marketing is critical to ensuring the success of both.

With that in mind, I’ve created a quick marketing list of questions to ensure your marketing strategy is on track to succeed.

Download Your Own Checklist Now

So, how do you feel? Do you have all items in place and accounted for in your strategy? If so, great! If not, we have a ton of resources on our blog for each of the topics listed above. And, if you ever find yourself in a position where you are looking for an agency to help with any or all of the above items, feel free to get in touch anytime.

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Jen Keul

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Jen Keul

As the Vice President, I build strong, personal relationships with each and every client that partners with Leighton Interactive. I love helping clients achieve their goals, dreams, and visions in ways they never thought possible. My daily schedule consists of meeting with clients, communicating client information to the inbound marketing team, and managing account managers. When I'm not busy with client work, I love to relax and spend time with my two amazing kids.


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