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Feel Like You're Getting Buried? Dig Yourself Out ...

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Posted by: Claudia Moder on Fri, Mar 30, 2018

When I was a kid, my sister bought me a book called “The Big Book of Worries.” It was filled with things that I hadn’t thought to worry about previously, giving me the opportunity to fret over them thereafter. What does this tell you about me? Well, you might say that I’m wound a bit tight and always have been. I’m surprised that my first spoken sentence wasn’t, “Are you sure about this?” Buddhists refer to mental chatter and worry as "monkey mind." Maybe you've had a case of it, too? 


Feel Like You're Getting Buried? Dig Yourself Out As an adult, I’ve looked for ways to alleviate stress and anxiety. Wine and yoga are sometimes helpful, though not at the same time. (You didn’t hear the wine part from me!) I’ve also tried to work on increasing mindfulness and being “in the moment” instead of thinking about some terrible thing that might happen in the future.

Speaking of terrible things, I recently had an emergency appendectomy. The doctor told me to expect two solid weeks of recovery, but I assumed I would be the exception and that I would be back in action in a day or two. Nope.

My recovery took exactly as long as the surgeon told me it would. After a few days, I simply gave in and accepted the healing process. I decided that the universe was telling me to take ‘er easy. I rested as much as I could. My to-do lists went undone and, unbelievably, no one died as a result.

The Path Forward

Becoming a better me means understanding my limitations, learning from my mistakes, and moving forward in the best way I know how. Personal growth is more important to me now than it has ever been - and this applies to my professional development as well. I want to be my best self when I’m at work and when I’m not.

Strength & Safety in Numbers 

Because of my tendency to get overwhelmed by my lists and my monkey mind that never stops, I am particularly looking forward to hearing Kristen Brown speak at the upcoming One Squared marketing event. This will be my first time attending One Squared, so my plan is to be a sponge and absorb everything.

Kristen Brown’s presentation promises to be particularly timely for those of us looking for ways to dig ourselves out when we feel like we’re getting buried (by meetings, family obligations, bills, or life in general). She’s known for helping people look at every facet of their lives with new eyes, and who doesn’t need that kind of motivation from time to time?

Whether you’re a list-making worrier like me or just someone who needs a shot of self-empowerment, Kristen Brown and the other world-class speakers at One Squared will surely leave you feeling motivated, unafraid, and ready to make things happen. Do not miss it!


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Claudia Moder

About The Author

Claudia Moder

With a background in project management, Claudia's unofficial mantra is: "Big things can always be broken up into smaller things." She prides herself on her organizational skills, her ability to get along with many different types of people, and her commitment to doing what's best for our clients. Outside the office, Claudia enjoys embarrassing her only child, trying new vegan recipes, practicing yoga, and fostering dogs for the humane society. She grew up in Northern Virginia and, despite living in the midwest for over 20 years now, she refuses to mispronounce roof, creek, and root beer.


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