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Five Components of a Strong Brand: an Infographic

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Updated By: Clare Richards on Tue, May 22, 2018

Everything you do starts with your brand.
It shouldn't be an afterthought or treated as a static thing. In fact, your brand doesn't really have anything to do with you; it's your customers who perceive your brand as the sum of your customer service, identity, logo, value, and reputation. If you want your brand to be better (and you should), here are five clear components any strong brand possesses, illustrated in a way that creates actionable steps for you to take on behalf of your own brand.
Get to it.




1. Passion & Why

When you're able to articulate what you're passionate about, your customers will be able to as well. Your why = why they buy. Not sure how to determine what your why is? Try these methods from Forbes


2. Define Your Clear Brand Promise

What's your one burning statement or sentence? 

Think of your brand promise as what differentiates you from your competitors. When your customers receive a certain product or service from you, that tangible benefit of choosing your company is defined by your brand promise. 


3. Identify Your Target Market

You can't be everything to everyone - that's the law.

Well, it should be anyways. Taking a hard look at whom your target market or personas are comprised of will help you narrow your efforts to that group. That laser focus will identify whom you should take stock of to ensure you're in alignment with how they shop, eat, breathe, and maybe even sleep. Here's how we do persona development


4. Create a Clear and Consistent Design

Think of Amazon, Starbucks, and the iPhone - what comes to mind? Their logos. Right?

But what else comes to mind? Their entire brands. We tend to think of these global brands as individual ecosystems that contain everything the brand stands for and represents. That's powerful. The iconic brands' logos have remained largely unchanged since their individual inception, and that helps foster a strong brand. A consistent design extends beyond logos, too, and encompasses everything you do on behalf of your brand.


5. Develop a Clear Marketing Strategy

Strategy isn't just a buzzword - it's a necessary component to your brand's success. Your marketing strategy takes all of these strong brand components and makes them work together to achieve your goals. Don't forget to benchmark along the way, to determine how successful your brand is. 



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