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Five Ways To Dress The Part For a Client Meeting

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Updated By: Callie Schroeder on Fri, Sep 09, 2016

With a predominantly male-driven work force, it is more important than ever for women to stake their claim in their careers. First impressions are everything, so much so that the average person will base their entire first impression of you in the first three seconds they meet you. Three seconds is lighting fast. The majority of that impression will most likely come from how you look, but more importantly what you are wearing. Now, don’t get me wrong; clothes aren’t everything, but they definitely don’t hurt. Clothes and your appearance in general sets the tone that you are serious and capable of doing business with the top dogs. Dressing powerful will make you feel powerful, and in turn, command the energy of everyone in the room. Below are five easy fashion tips to dress the part for any big or small client meeting, ensuring you command positive energy. Happy styling!


1. Clackers - AKA a "Rockin' Pair of Pumps"

Every woman should own a pair of heels that make her feel like a queen. First and foremost, when choosing your shoe soul mate, make sure they are comfortable! The last thing you need is aching toes and wobbly knees as you're trying to seal the deal on that important sale. Shoes are a great way to show your personality without being too “flashy." The majority of the rest of your outfit will be pretty classic, so play up your style and personal touches with your shoes. If you're struggling with the abundant options of shoes that are out there, a never-fail option is a nude pointed-toe heel. Not only will they go with any outfit, but they will elongate your legs and make you look a little thinner and a tad taller.


2. A Power Blouse

Nothing says “business woman” quite like a crisp, fitted blouse. The best thing about a blouse is that it is probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your closet. You can tuck it into a pencil skirt, let it flow over a nice pair of trousers, pair it with your favorite jeans, or even throw it over a dress for a layering piece for that unpredictable fall and spring weather. When choosing the material and color of your blouse, feel free to experiment with what you like best. Make sure your blouse of choice is fitted and not popping at the breast button. Don’t forget to button it up far ... nothing says unprofessional like a big 'ol eye full of cleavage.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" -Rachel Zoe


3. Trouser Pants

Now that you have your top and your shoes, you need your pants! No leaving the house without those. Best practices for choosing a stellar pair of trousers is to always remember: fit, fit, fit. Not all of us magically fit into the pre-determined sizes of the fashion industry, so taking your trousers to a tailor is definitely encouraged. I would recommend sticking with a neutral color like black, navy, or gray. High-rise, mid-rise, boot cut, or flared, all fine! Choose the style and look that makes you feel the best. If you choose to tuck in your blouse, add a cute thin belt for an extra touch of “I’m really put together.”


4. Laptop Tote

Okay, you're almost fully dressed; just a few final touches to pull it all together. Having a laptop tote to carry all your necessities is a must! Throw your tablet, meeting notes, and your favorite pen in there. Being prepared is important, so having everything you need to rock the meeting can be thrown right into your tote. You can stick with a classic black or brown leather over the shoulder or take a risk with a bright colored boho over-sized purse. Whatever you decide make sure you don’t forget this VIP accessory.


5. A Smile

A smile is a girl's best accessory, so looking put together will get your foot in the door, but your smile and genuine charm will make them coming back deal after deal. Make sure to always flash those pearly whites, and maybe even throw on your favorite shade of lipstick for an extra "wow" factor. Minty fresh breath is never a bad thing, either.


Now that you have all the secrets to killing a client meeting you can finally feel confident and ensured that you will always put your best foot forward and look good while doing it.


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