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GUEST BLOG: A Look Back on One Squared 2018 via Erika Voeller

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Posted by: Erika Voeller on Fri, Jun 08, 2018

About the Author: Erika Voeller is a Copywriter and Content Strategist at Olive & Company, a brand marketing agency specializing in brand strategy, web design, and digital marketing. The agency is based in Minneapolis. 

A few months ago, two women from Leighton Interactive walked into the Olive & Company studio, asking to speak to our Director of Digital Marketing. One woman had a colorful basket of branded merchandise in hand; the other, a ukulele. I had no idea what to expect, until they explained they were here to invite our team to OneSquared—and they even wrote a song to convince us to attend.

I learned many things at OneSquared this year, and the more information I absorbed, the more I thought to myself, “I might actually be pretty good at this Inbound Marketing thing.” For the pieces I’m not so good at, speakers Ryan Holiday, Alina Wheeler, Mark Schaefer, and Kristen Brown lent advice and expertise.

Ryan Holiday, on Growth Hacking

“Retention trumps acquisition,” said Ryan Holiday. For me, this was one of his most memorable quotes. As marketers, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to focus all of our efforts on attracting more customers when instead, we could be spending that time, money, and energy getting more from the customers we already have.

It might easier to shout your message from the rooftops and hope your words resonate on the ears of thousands or even millions, but it’s more realistic to focus on what is testable, trackable, and scalable.


Alina Wheeler, on Branding

My favorite Alina Wheeler quote from the day was, “It’s always good to bring a little David Bowie into the room,” but in the effort of maintaining the focus of this post, allow me to share a few other words of Wheeler wisdom: “As a marketer, you are a sleuth, a shrink, and a scientist. It’s important to listen, and to listen deeply.”

Of the four event speakers, Wheeler gave our team the most tangible tactics to implement back at our studio. For example, she showed us how to develop a brand brief to highlight a brand’s core values, goals, and descriptors. She also provided a formula to fill out to determine what sets a brand apart. We loved her talk!


Mark Schaefer, on the Future of Content Marketing

A Look Back on OneSquared 2018

“The economic value of content is zero unless it’s consumed and shared.” Mark Schaefer, author of “The Content Code,” “Born to Blog,” and many others, challenged me to think about why people share content in the first place. Then, he challenged me to think about how I might create content my audiences truly want to engage with. One of his main points here was, “Don’t create random acts of content.” In other words, stay relevant, authentic, and consistent by making sure your content adheres to a content strategy and, of course, feels human.


Kristen Brown, on the "Happy Hour Effect"

I’m a practicing yogi, but I had never before done “laughter yoga” until Kristen Brown stepped on stage. Her keynote was full of energy, getting us out of our seats and teaching us how to leverage the five Ps:

  • Peace
  • Passion
  • Productivity
  • People
  • Presence

In regard to passion, she said we should each have three types of passions: one that makes us money, one that makes us healthy, and one that’s just fun! Brown’s story was powerful, and her words inspired me to return back to work with tenacity.


Be There, or Be Squared

It’s been little more than a month since I attended One Squared 2018, and I’m already counting down the days until next year’s event. I was impressed with Leighton’s ability to organize such a successful conference and was even more impressed that the team created a video highlighting the day before it even finished.

One Squared was a great introduction to the many facets of the digital marketing industry, and I look forward to what Leighton Interactive has in store for us next.

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