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How to Have a Marketing Department of 10 for the Price of 1

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Updated By: Dan Soldner on Mon, Mar 23, 2015

marketingdepartmentIf you’re the head of marketing, you are in charge of making sure that the efforts of your department produce results, and you also need to make sure everything is done within that pesky budget. This oftentimes allows you to only produce the results you’ve seen in the past, but what if you want to do better? What if you want to try something new? You probably will take it all on yourself or start the painful task of convincing your company to hire more people who specialize in each area you’re looking to improve on. I’m here to tell you that you can have an additional 10 people join your marketing department for the price of one.

Why You Should Hire an Inbound Marketing Agency

It’s a big decision to hire one person, let alone an entire agency. Marketing directors are often cautious of the idea of handing over control to people they don’t see when they walk in each morning or have exchanges with in the hallway. If you’re that marketing director, you may also have many questions running through your head. How do you start the conversation? What will future plans be? Can you trust them? Relax, you are in complete control of the relationship. To hire an agency, it requires an interview process similar to hiring one new employee, and it can provide an exponential payoff. A payoff that comes in the form of experience, focused specialization, new ideas/perspectives, and boatloads of money saved.


A five-year employee of a marketing agency has roughly 10,000 hours of experience, and most likely in an area of focused expertise (social media, graphic design, web development, etc.). You may be handling all of those things a little bit every day! For our example of hiring 10 people for the price of one, let’s say you hire a marketing agency that assigns a dedicated account manager to you and you’ll work with that one person that brings together the experience of the other nine. You now get 100,000 hours of experience in multiple categories while working with that one person!

Focused Specialization

Agencies are involved with all different types of businesses, from the brewery down the road to your grandma’s hair salon. In order to produce results for all of their clients, they need to have a wide array of skills and expertise for each area of both traditional and newer tactics. Many marketing agencies now have social media experts, content developers, SEO/SEM masters, web designers, email marketing geeks, mobile geniuses, and more. This wide range of skills added to your already talented in-house marketing team can produce big results and keep your marketing efforts on the leading edge of your competition.

New Ideas and Perspectives

A huge benefit of hiring an agency is that they will have a completely fresh perspective on your marketing efforts and how they could be improved or enhanced.

Agencies are made up of all different types of people – from the graphic designer with multi-colored hair to the spunky account manager. Not only do these different types of people come up with a wide array of ideas, but they haven’t been working for your company for the past 10 years, and aren’t caught up in day-to-day tasks. This outside perspective could in turn produce new insights and ideas that could greatly impact the way you do things and could be the push you need to try something new.

Money Saved

For the cost of hiring one employee who will most likely not have the ability and expertise to handle the 5-10 newer marketing needs you have, you can hire an agency that does. Here’s a hypothetical situation:

New employee with 5-10 years of experience: $60,000 annual cost ($48,000 salary plus taxes, insurance, etc.).

Agency with 10 employees (est. total of 50-100 years of experience): $5,000 per month - $60,000 per year.

If you make sure to include the most impactful services you need to have measurable success in a monthly retainer of $5,000, you’ll soon be celebrating some big wins. Also, you can easily scale your services up 25% when you need to, which is likely impossible to do if you hire someone (imagine that conversation: “I need you to be 1.25 people”)

The four points above are important to consider when deciding how to move your business forward. Do I have you convinced that an agency is a smart decision? If you decide that an agency is the right path for your company, remember to find one that is the right fit for you. Hire an agency the same way you would hire a new employee – experience, excitement, ideas, and fit. When you find one that is the right fit, the sky is the limit on what you can accomplish together.


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Dan Soldner

Dan believes that marketing has one purpose: to generate sales leads. He is certain the best marketing tactics and sales people are decision-making facilitators, not yes getters and being customer-centric is the only way to be successful in the long run. Dan started Leighton Interactive in 2009 with a vision to help high-growth companies attract and close more ideal customers. A perpetual student of sales and marketing, Dan focuses on two things: finding clients with problems Leighton Interactive solves and talent with the expertise to solve them.

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