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How to Nail Your Next Job Interview

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Updated By: Ashley Toering on Wed, Dec 13, 2017

Whichever career path you have chosen, you’ve probably had to prepare for an interview at least once in your life. The reality is most people will have to go through multiple interview processes in their life before they find that "perfect" job. Some people are self-professed experts at interviews and they breeze through them without second thought, but then there are others who cringe at even hearing the word. If you are the type that dreads the interview process, these tips will help you prepare yourself so you can nail your next interview.

Do Your Homework

It should go without saying that when an employer offers you an interview, the first thing you need to do is get online and research. If you go into an interview without prior knowledge of who the company is or what they stand for, you are going to have a tough time answering questions and seeming prepared. Employers want to know you took initiative to learn more about their company and you're excited about the work they do. Also, by researching the company, you will be able to determine if you think it is the right fit for you.

Plan Your Outfit

This step is important for both men and women - if you look your best, you are going to feel your best. After you’ve done your research on the company, you should have a better feel for their dress code. If you are applying to a law office, you are going to want formal dress clothes versus a vet clinic where it would be appropriate to dress in semi-formal clothes. If you are unsure about the dress code for the position you are applying for, the best practice is to overdress rather than underdress for the part. It can never hurt your chances if you show up looking more professional. If you need some inspiration, this blog has a lot of good tips.

Rehearse Your Responses

Before you get to your interview, look over these top 10 interview questions. Although you want to know your responses, you don’t want to make them sound too rehearsed at the actual interview. While that list is a good starting point, don’t forget an interviewer may ask you questions that are unrelated or very “left-field”, so you should be on your toes and ready for a quick response to these questions.


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Know Your Weaknesses

If asked, most people can rattle off the things they excel at in a job. Maybe you’re great at multi-tasking or you have a way with words and you can blog like nobody’s business. Align your strengths with the job you are applying for and have them ready when asked. The problem with interviews many people experience is telling the interviewer what they need to improve upon. This question is not meant to stump you and expose you as a terrible employee, it is used mostly to show that you are acknowledging an area where you are lacking, but taking an initiative to improve upon yourself. Prepare your top three weaknesses ahead of time and also include the way you are working to better yourself.

Ask Questions

During the interview, make sure you ask for clarification when you don’t understand something. Make your best effort to fully understand what the job entails and what would be expected of you, should you get hired. You wouldn’t want to take a job where you only know half of what is required of you. During the research process would be a great time to make a list of any questions you think of, and bring that list with you to the interview. Some good questions to ask are:

  • What is the culture like?
  • What are their specific expectations for you? Think about if those expectations fit into your lifestyle and goals.
  • What are your options for job growth and future opportunities?


You aren’t going to be offered a job every time you interview, even if you nailed it, and that’s okay. Just remember; confidence is key, you’ve got this under control, and you’re ready. Now go out there and get ‘em!

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