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Inbound Marketing for B2B

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Updated By: Kristen Buerman on Mon, Feb 26, 2018

Most have heard the line, "Trust isn't given, it's earned," this is especially true when it comes to B2B marketing. The B2B buying process is complex, and it is critical to build trust and credibility. 

In the last few years, the way people communicate and what they expect from your business has changed. In today's market, businesses have the power to do more research before making a decision. They are looking for high-level information: educational blogs, eBooks, webinars, and data-focused case studies to guide them to the right solution for their company. Not only do they want that information, they want to access that information all before talking with a sales rep. So how do you meet the needs of this new generation of business? With inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing helps you grow your business by attracting the right customers and creating lasting relationships with your customers. Does that sound like something you'd like to do? Then let's dig in.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is focused on attracting customers through relevant and helpful content. A great content strategy is the backbone of inbound marketing.  Your content strategy is set up to nurture your prospects through each stage of the buyer's journey by adding  value at every stage. With inbound marketing, potential customers find you through channels like search engines and social media. By creating content that addresses the problems and needs of your ideal customers, you'll attract qualified prospects while building trust and credibility for your business.

So let's take a closer look at the details of content marketing for manufacturers. 

Inbound marketing is structured around three stages of the buyer's journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision


Your goal is to nurture prospects through each stage with relevant content. 

Awareness Stage:

In the Awareness stage, prospects are realizing they have a problem, challenge, or issue that needs to be resolved. They are just starting their research process to more clearly define the problem. This process is usually done online via Google searches and social media interactions. Prospects in the Awarness stage will look for information and insight through blog posts, infographics, social posts, educational videos, and website pages. 

Awareness questions for manufacturing may be:

  • How do I look for a quality metal product?
  • What is sheet metal manufacturing? 

Consideration STAGE:

In the Consideration stage, prospects know what their problem is and are looking for solutions that meet their specific needs. Prospects in this stage will continue to dig for more information with proven solutions. eBooks, white papers, and webinars are great formats for consideration stage content. 

Consideration questions may be:

  • What makes a metal product superior?
  • What should I look for in a sheet metal vendor?

Decision STAGE:

In the Decision stage, prospects have evaluated their solution options and are in the process of making a decision on which vendor will help them solve their problem. Decision stage content should speak to why your company is the  best option to solve the problem for the prospect. Content showcasing success current or past customers have had - like testimonials and case studies - help to develop trust and credibility.

Decision questions:

  • Why should I buy "Company Name" products?
  • Why should I work with "Company Name"?

By providing content that speaks to each stage of the buyer's journey, you are helping your company become a thought leader in the industry. In turn, you are fostering a relationship with your prospects by creating trust and credibility.

So there it is, a look at content marketing for manufacturers. If you're intersted in learning more about inbound marketing, check out the free presentation below. 


Marketing questions? Inbound is the answer.
Kristen Buerman

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Kristen Buerman

She enjoys diving deep into the numbers and trends behind campaigns and constantly looks at new ways to bring the right information to the right audience. Kristen loves a good process and if there isn’t already one in place, she’ll look to create it. Outside of work, you will most likely find Kristen at the softball fields or volleyball courts. She enjoys spending as much time as possible in the wide world of the great outdoors.

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