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Responsive Facebook Ads? Yes, Please

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Updated By: Jacob Lundy on Mon, Nov 04, 2019

Oh yeah, that’s right. Remember the exhilaration that surged through your body when Google AdWords announced they would offer responsive text ads in 2018? No longer are you restricted to the one-size-fits-all for your headline and description for your ads. You can now choose multiple variations on Google and they’ll do the heavy lifting — discovering which set performs best for you. Yeah – that got us all excited in the office when we found out. And now, we’ve received news of Facebook ads now offering a similar responsive text feature. Bam — commence your marketing happy dance.




A New Way to Advertise on Facebook

As of late October 2019, Facebook announced their new feature (Multiple Text Optimization) — allowing you to choose multi-variations of text within your ad. Facebook’s algorithm will then choose which version will perform best for the users you’re trying to reach through social media advertising. This new option expands on the current feature of dynamic ads — allowing you to showcase different products your company has based on the current inventory you have. This is so you don’t have to go in and create individuals ads for EVERY single item. If you have a wide variety of products your business is trying to push then this feature will prove extremely helpful. Could you imagine setting up all of those ads? It would take forever… and speaking of ad setup, let’s dive right into setting up these responsive-text bad boys.


How to Set Up Facebook Text Responsive Ads

If you’re relatively new to the Facebook ads game, that’s no problem. Below, you’ll see a few screenshots that outline where you can find this option in your ad creation setup, and where to place the text:

Ultimate Marketing Toolkit social ad example

As shown above, the offer we’re pushing is our Ultimate Marketing Toolkit free resource in the form of a video ad. On the left-hand side, you see the primary text copy (above the media), headline (below the media), and then an additional section for the description. Important note: the description section can tend to be cut off for your ad. Always make sure the ad is mobile-friendly! And luckily for us, Facebook makes that the default viewing option (right side of the screenshot).

Let’s say for a moment you’re working for our team, and you want to push this offer. You’ve laid out a few options for the primary copy section of the ad:

  • Marketing Toolkit
  • 2020 Marketing Toolkit
  • 2020 FREE Marketing Toolkit

Ultimate Marketing Toolkit social ad example

Now, this probably comes as no surprise as to which one would appeal to most viewers: 2020 FREE Marketing Toolkit, right? But what if we were looking at something a little trickier? Let’s say you’re pushing this offer, and you want to know which part of the offer resonates better with your target audience on Facebook – based on their highest-priority needs. Now you have three completely different options:

  • Buyer Persona Worksheet
  • Social Media Best Practices Guide
  • SEO Audit Strategy Toolkit 

Now the answer to which will suit your ideal customer is tougher to decipher — and that’s exactly where this Facebook tool will come into play. If you’re targeting marketers from new businesses looking to expand brand awareness, social media might be their first option. However, if someone is already well-established, then they may want to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and rank higher on Google.

Want to dive deeper into Facebook ads? Check out this course HubSpot Academy offers on changing the way you advertise on the social platform.


A/B Testing VS Responsive Text

If you’re already a pro at creating and pushing Facebook ads in their Facebook Ads Manager, then you’re probably wondering how this new feature differs from some of the platform’s current capabilities — like creating an A/B test with a new campaign, which was launched in October 2017.

A/B Facebook ads options

The main difference between these two is A/B testing for campaigns allows you to test different ad formats, visuals, headlines, and call-to-actions (CTAs) based around a specific objective or goal — like post engagement or conversions.

For example, an A/B testing campaign will allow you to create two or more different ads with different creative, multiple options on the text, media, etc. based around the defined variable – creative, delivery optimization, audience, or placement for a traffic campaign.

Facebook A/B Traffic campaign test

This form of testing is excellent for a wide variety of items you’re trying to close in on. However, if you already know you have a killer saved audience on Facebook Ads Manager, then you probably don’t need to test it. Instead, you’re just looking to find the right copy and messaging for your ads — and this new responsive text ad feature is exactly what you’re searching for. This new feature also specifically caters for ad level optimizations, says ClickThrough.


As announced by the worldwide social platform everyone loves and knows, Facebook stated they’ll be rolling out this fresh new feature to all advertisers within the next few weeks.

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