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The Happy Hour Effect - A Mini Book Review

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Posted by: Alison Schroeder on Fri, Feb 02, 2018

Stress is inevitable and something we will all encounter over the course of our lives. That’s why I read Kristen Brown’s book, The Happy Hour Effect. It helped me reprioritize stress and put on my let’s do this face. That’s also why she’s a featured speaker at One Squared in Minneapolis.

Happy Hour

KristenBrown.HappyHourBook.jpgAnyone can attest to the joy that can be found on Friday afternoons. Happy Hour approaches and you can’t wait to let loose and free yourself from the burdens of the week (as long as you can actually get to happy hour amid a calendar that never. ever. stops.) Whether it’s work related, family related, or anything in between, Happy Hour is that one hour (or two) you get to enjoy yourself and really embody just ... being.

But then the question arises, why can’t you have happy hour all the time? Why can’t you feel that liberated and carefree at work or at home? 

While Kristen doesn’t give you a book full of drink recipes, she does give you a recipe for minimizing your stress and maximizing your life - any hour of the day.


Destress With Success

Think of this book like a Chicken Soup for the Soul type of book. It’s not dense or cumbersome but more like a guide, a buddy to use within your journey of destressing. The Happy Hour Effect Life Map identifies “five zones” where you may encounter stress in your life. They include:

  • Core Life
  • Passion & Commitments
  • Work
  • Challenges
  • Dreams

These are the different areas in her life where Kristen herself found she struggled to destress. She initiated taking a step back to evaluate why she was overwhelmed, and where many other individuals find their stress stems from. 

Not only does Kristen identify the areas most likely to feel that squeeze of stressful pressure, she also offers twelve tips as a practical way to change your perspective on stressors. Think of them as things you can incorporate into your day-to-day immediately. Having short-, medium-, and long-term suggestions already separates her book from the rest. But even more so, her book even includes additional links for helpful material online to support you through your read. Her book is as interactive and actionable as Kristen herself.


Why Drink At Happy Hour?

This book might sound like every other self-help book on the market, but I assure you it’s not. Kristen speaks from experience. She worked in corporate America for fifteen years, lost her husband to a heart attack, and quickly became a single parent. Her job was eating up all of her time and she needed to get out but didn’t know how. This book holds her findings as she became her new and improved self and offers a path for the rest of world in feeling a similar way. 

This book is real. It gets down to the nitty-gritty. It isn’t just a book you’ll read, maybe highlight, and let dust settle on its cover while it sits on your bookshelf. It’s digestible, authentic, and helps you determine how to live your life with more intention and joy. From personal development to professional growth, this book is a double-whammy.

We know it’s hard to find that line, where your professional and personal life stops colliding. The answer: they don’t. That’s why we created One Squared. A marketing seminar that invests in both personal growth and professional development. 


And I Get to Meet Her (You Can Too)

Now, I can’t just divulge these twelve steps to minimizing stress and maximizing life for you, but Kristen might. Kristen Brown will be in Minneapolis on April 20th, speaking at One Squared, a marketing event worthy of any #motivationmonday Instagram post. Hear from the author herself on how you can spin stress into success with a fresh perspective on the work/life balance myth and what you should do instead to amp up your personal and professional awesomeness.

And, Kristen is in good company. Learn more about our other speakers Ryan Holiday, Alina Wheeler, and Mark Schaefer here.

Learn more about One Squared About the Event
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