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VIDEO: How to Use the Inverted Pyramid for Better Results

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Updated By: Travis McGinnis on Tue, Nov 20, 2018

Turn Your Point Upside Down

Planning and executing digital campaigns can be daunting, right? At Leighton Interactive, we make it easy for our clients - and one of the ways we do it is by never forgetting the fundamentals. One such fundamental, with regard to email campaigns, is to use a simple Inverted Pyramid. Here’s how it works:


You Just Fell For It

Whether you know it or not, I used the Inverted Pyramid in this blog to get you to take action by clicking the video. It’s a simple tactic whereby you structure your content visually into an upside-down triangle, to capitalize on how a reader’s eyes naturally want to view and absorb content.

Wide Top

As I explain in the video, the wide part of the Inverted Pyramid is the headline/subhead section, where a carefully-crafted message “hooks” the reader, promises a benefit, and inspires them to learn more.

Narrow Middle

Once you’ve engaged your reader, you feed them more information. In this blog, I did that in the short paragraph of body copy. I spoke my audience’s language and immediately sympathized with them on a problem that we all encounter in digital marketing. After establishing the problem, I offered a solution (while also giving Leighton Interactive a soft promotional plug - did you catch it?).

The Pointy End

At the bottom of the Inverted Pyramid is the CTA - the intended action I want my readers to take. In the case of this blog, my CTA was to get you to push the play button on the video.

The Inverted Pyramid

The Inverted Pyramid for email marketing. Start with a sharp headline at the top, then visually present your concise email content in a way that makes it narrow down to the action item you want your readers to take (play video, read more, order now, sign me up, etc.). Use the Inverted Pyramid in your next email blast and you’ll be glad you did.

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