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We're Hiring: A Guide to Writing a Job Post on Social Media

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Posted by: Ashley Toering on Fri, Aug 25, 2017

Remember when finding a job was as easy as picking up the newspaper and looking through the classifieds? All of the jobs were in one, easily accessible place, and you knew these jobs were all local. Not to say that newspaper classifieds are obsolete, but a majority of job-seekers are looking online for their next gig. And with all of the online resources for finding a job, Monster, Indeed, Craigslist, etc., how do you make your job listing stand out in a sea of endless possibilities?

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Be Specific

Getting your point across right away, and highlighting the most important information in a job post is important since the typical reader will only read 20 percent of content and job seekers spend an average of just 30 seconds on each job post. Knowing that you should keep your content very intentional and have the full job description live on your website, while the social post should be key takeaways only.

Keep it Simple 

Don’t over complicate the job listing by throwing in a bunch of corporate jargon and big words. You don’t have to dumb down your post, but if you’re throwing in too many acronyms or jargon specific to your company, your prospect could struggle to know if they are qualified.  

Make it Memorable 

You might think that posting a job description is boring, but that doesn’t mean your social post has to be mundane. Create a post that is “out-of-the-box,” so it will leave a lasting impression with potential candidates.

Focus on the exciting events/activities your office hosts or attends every year. If there are fun or unique perks to working at your company, like a gym for employee use, free coffee, opportunities for professional growth, or company outings, highlight these to get people excited about working for your company.

Use an Image

If you’ve ever been on ANY social media platform you probably already know that images, gifs, and videos are everywhere. Don’t spend time creating a fantastic post and forget to include an image to accompany it. If you can avoid using a stock photo, do it. Take a picture of the office space, coworkers in fun settings, and perks of the job, and use these instead. 

Make Submitting the Application Easy 

At the end of your social post provide a link that will take applicants directly to the online application or provide them with a “next-step” if they are interested in applying, such as a contact email or phone number.

When you direct them to an online application make sure you include a full description of the job post as well since the social post you are creating won’t have every important detail included. This will also help with keeping the social post specific and to the point.


Follow these tips next time your company is hiring. You'll see a much bigger response from potential candidates on social media.

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