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What You're Missing With Online Recruitment Efforts

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Updated By: Clare Richards on Mon, May 21, 2018

Your job postings have been live for two weeks and still… crickets. You’ve written about all the fancy perks, offered a high price, and even gave it a unique title but still have yet to receive any applicants. In the US, the overall average time to fill a position is 43 days. That’s a long time to have missing talent!

On the other hand, there are job seekers trying to find employment where they can show off their skills, a culture they can jive with, and a company they can grow with. They’ll tell you applying for jobs isn’t a walk in the park either. Sifting through confusing listings, unfeasible requirements, and lengthy application processes can become exhausting. And instead of inspired, they become irritated and increasingly discouraged.

It’s time to put a kibosh on the old recruitment techniques and revamp your recruitment efforts. Join us in the 21stcentury with these online recruitment tips.


Research Similar Postings

What You're Missing With Online Recruitment EffortsYou may be thinking that this is a no-brainer. Well, many people skip this step. They are in such a rush to fill the position that they post a generic job description or use common company vocabulary others are not familiar with. Before telling the world that you’re hiring new employees, do your research. Find out what companies, comparable to yours, have for job openings and qualifications. See what your competition is like. Bets are, the type of applicant you’re looking for has applied for multiple jobs and finds some to be more compelling than others. Make sure yours is on their compelling list.


Use Your Network to Your Advantage

This tip is two-fold. The first requires talking to people who once held the position. Inquire about specific job duties, what they felt they could have known coming into the job, and what qualifications weren’t really necessary. If you can refine the job listing to be more accurate, you’ll receive more qualified prospects. On the other hand, leverage the network you have and make a post on your LinkedIn page. One post can go a long way. It reaches your network and also your network’s network. Word of mouth, in this day and age, is through social channels, not just your website. Utilize them!


Simplify the Application Process

Once you have a good feel for what competition is out there, you’re ready to post your opening. Online tools have opened up the application process to many possibilities. With multiple channels to utilize, make the application process easy. Companies try to ask for gobs of information before even meeting their prospective employees. They have a lengthy application process, trying to weed out the “lazy” or “unqualified” before they even set foot in an interview. Newsflash: job seekers are busy people too. They want an employer that will understand their schedule and will accommodate their lifestyle. That doesn’t mean they’re lazy. Simplify your application process. You’ll see your applicant pool and the amount of great talent increase.


Show Off Your Culture

Your application process is a direct reflection on your company work culture. You don’t want job seekers thinking they have to jump through multiple hoops to accomplish something. Making the application process easier is one way to ease that tension. Another is making your application stand out. Today’s typical job recruiting is anything but ordinary. Creating a unique proposition, adding some light-hearted humor or a comical video that reflects your company’s personality can do you a lot of favors. Implementing inbound marketing techniques draws in prospective applicants to your company. In the long run, the ones that appreciate your effort and your culture feel more inclined to apply and tend to feel more comfortable throughout the application process. Showing off a bit of personality can attract the type of applicant you’re looking for.


I wanted to add this tip because I think it’s extremely important. A job well done is a job that comes full circle; no loose ends. Once you’ve filled the position, do your due diligence and retire the job listing on all social channels, recruiting websites, etc. Some may say that leaving them open attracts possible future candidates. But being flooded with emails about a person interested in a position that has already been filled is an annoyance and can clutter your inbox.


Researching, refining, and showing a bit of personality on the Internet naturally attract like-minded prospects. Utilizing your resources and simplifying your application process will bring in a larger pool of better-qualified candidates. Today’s technology is a powerful thing. Use it wisely. Use it to your advantage.  

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