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Why I'm Attending One Squared Again with Jessica Soldner [Video]

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Posted by: Clare Richards on Sat, Mar 24, 2018

Jessica Soldner, owner of discrete Designs, attended One Squared in 2017. And to be perfectly honest, she wasn’t sure if it would be right for her. Would a marketing seminar like One Squared be valuable to a central Minnesota small business owner like her? As you’ll see in the video, One Squared wasn’t just a good fit for Jessica and her company – it was a great fit.


Key Takeaways

As you saw, Jessica came away from One Squared with many valuable tools and resources that she could instantly apply to her business. With a focus on both marketing and sales, she found the topics covered during this marketing seminar applicable to both small businesses and global businesses.

One takeaway she wasn’t expecting was all of the information focused on personal growth. Because, yes, One Squared focuses on the business side of things, but it doesn’t ignore that our personal side – who we are and how we approach things – has a huge impact on professional success.

One Squared 2018

This April, Jessica will be attending One Squared 2018 at the Radisson Blu in Downtown Minneapolis. She’s excited to experience the big-name speakers and published authors who will be presenting. This year’s speakers include:

  • Ryan Holiday
  • Alina Wheeler
  • Mark Schaefer
  • Kristen Brown

Plus, there’s a lunch panel featuring panelists from HubSpot, PandaDoc, Pandora, Wistia, Fulton Brewing, and National Public Media.

Do you want to experience this one-day marketing seminar that’s chock full of big names and valuable content? Get your tickets here:

Learn more about One Squared About the Event
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