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Why I'm Attending One Squared Again with Lauren Beukelman [Video]

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Posted by: Clare Richards on Wed, Mar 07, 2018

Lauren Beukelman is a Digital Marketing Strategist for ACMC Health. She attended our 2017 One Squared Event, and she's gearing up to attend again this April. We asked Lauren if she would share a little bit about her experience attending One Squared last year and how it benefited her in her work. 

Here's what she had to say:


From the getgo, Lauren's role within her company makes her an ideal attendee for One Squared: being responsible for her clinic's online presence. She was able to freshen up on inbound marketing strategies and pick up plenty of inspiration to bring back to her team. 

Specifically, the marketing seminar allowed Lauren to connect with fellow marketers and discuss ways to better reach her audience. Plus, she was able to learn from others which techniques they had found valuable and which ones were not worth investing in. Beyond this, One Squared acted as a reminder of why Lauren does what she does every day, "connecting with our patients and giving them the information they need when they need it."

Overall, Lauren was able to gain inspiration and insight directly related to her role within her company. Plus, she was able to pick up multiple ideas and strategies that she could then bring back to her team. Her final words on One Squared were this:

"I loved that I could ask questions and get feedback from the presenters about what our company already does with our inbound marketing strategies. It was really helpful to understand how to improve what we do and make things easier on ourselves and more beneficial for our customers." 

We're thrilled to hear that Lauren found so much value in attending One Squared that she's coming back again this year - especially since we're making it bigger and better. This marketing seminar features top-tier speakers Ryan Holiday, Alina Wheeler, Mark Schaefer, and Kristen Brown. They are some of the biggest names in branding, marketing, personal development, and professional development. 

Stay up-to-date on One Squared 2018 updates by signing up below: 

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