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COVID-19 Response Strategies

Access a curated list of COVID-19 response strategies as well as a worksheet for execution planning.  

At moments of uncertainty, communication becomes more critical than ever.

With the world shifting by the hour, people rely on consistent and timely updates to bring stability to their lives. 

Through this turmoil, there is a great opportunity to support one another and stand for something bigger than ourselves. Now is the time to think about:

  • How to evolve products and services to serve this changing world and the reality that exists on the other side of this pandemic
  • How to be mindful and sensitive towards the situations your customers and employees face 
  • How to support customers, employees, and communities in their greatest time of need 
  • How to position your company as an innovator and thought leader 
  • How to remain a stable entity amidst unforeseen challenges

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We're here for you as you navigate the crisis!

Dan Soldner

Leighton Interactive


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