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Critical Manufacturers

Are you struggling to sell in a post-pandemic world?

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As Clare mentioned in the video above, we help critical manufacturers thrive in uncertain times. If you are hearing things like this from your sales team:

  • "People don’t care about our product right now; they’ve got bigger things to worry about."
  • "It’s insensitive to be selling at a time like this."
  • "I can’t sell our products without meeting in person."

You're not alone. We will arm your sales team with the tools they need to overcome obstacles and sell right now.

Let us help you. We've done it before, and we are good at it. 



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Arm your sales team for success

Now is not the time for a long, drawn-out onboarding process. You need quick action and immediate results. We've made it simple to work with us. 

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Here are some examples of how we've helped our manufacturing clients succeed.

Mead-Metals-Impact-header Mead Metals Success Story

See how we helped Mead Metals with their sales and marketing strategy to gain real results.

Read the Success Story
designer hand working and smart phone and laptop on wooden desk in office with london city background Sales Strategies for Manufacturing

An overview of sales strategies for a post-pandemic world.

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Blog-Headers-3-surefire-ways-to-convert-visitors-to-customers Covid Response Strategies

Need more sales and marketing inspiration? Here are 16 tactics.

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Hear what others are saying

In 12 months we've seen a 33% increase in users, a 38% increase in sessions, a 19% increase in page views, nearly 10,000 visits (compared to the average of 6,000 the year prior), 436 leads, 17 customers, and $161,100 revenue generated.

Quenton Lind
VP of Sales & Marketing, Separators, Inc.

Our old fast quote form had 20% of viewers submit. Our new form has closer to a 60% conversion rate. Before launching our new website, we averaged 2 new clients a week. In the first month of launch, we averaged 4 new clients a week.

Brian Rothstein
Director of Sales, Mead Metals

I was viewing the Brooms ebook today and thought to myself, There’s no way I could accomplish this without Leighton’s help. This time together has been a huge learning experience because for my first 3 years I had to do-it-all. I’d literally be drowning right now since there’s so much to do. Looking forward to the future.

Tyler Monson
Marketing Assistant, Virnig Manufacturing

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to look through some of the resources we have to offer. If you're ready to start seeing results in your sales strategies, let's chat:

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