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One Squared is a Movement for Marketing Professionals Looking to Feed & Foster Both of Their Personal + Professional Sides
This isn’t a single day marketing event; it’s a 365-day conversation around growing yourself and growing your business.



Authentic Confidence

The Secret to Loving Your Work and Leading an Unstoppable Career

Ego, arrogance and narcissism commonly describe ineffective leadership. Nobody likes a show- off, but it also doesn’t work to shrink into the shadows. Communicating the appropriate amount of confidence in every situation is an essential leadership skill and Authentic Confidence is the secret.

Creator and Confidence Coach, Ben Fauske had significant confidence issues early in his career and he was miserable. After years of studying confidence, he discovered a pattern used to overcome confidence issues and find success. He has since taught thousands of leaders how to elevate their influence and enhance their leadership brand. Leaders are either looking to find confidence (91% of new leaders have significant confidence issues) or learning how to coach confidence in others.

Ben will be sharing the latest research and strategies in this session. He will also be sharing insights from his upcoming book Authentic Confidence: The Secret to Loving Your Work and Leading an Unstoppable Career launching with Morgan James Publishing in May of 2020.

In the Authentic Confidence Session you will:

  • Understand the biology and core beliefs of world-class influencers.
  • Learn the 6 Confidence Profiles and take self-assessment to determine your profile.
  • Discover your bad confidence habits and create a plan to resolve them by implementing the Authentic Confidence Process.
  • Develop strategies for building a culture of confidence in your organization.

Learn how to find, lead and coach with Authentic Confidence.

Download Ben's Authentic Confidence Kit


Sales & Marketing on the Fly(Wheel)Dan-Soldner-One-Squared-Green-Bay-2019

Identifying the Best Technologies & Tactics To Help You Close Deals In 2020 [Workshop]

Every single organization desires more sales; yet it's the single most frustrating initiative across business. This session offers simple-yet-explosive tactics to employ to net more of the good stuff: qualified leads and sales-ready buyers in 2020 and beyond.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Top Three Technologies And Tactics To Help You Close Deals In 2020
  2. An Overview Of The Sales Flywheel And How To Use It
  3. Account-based Marketing And The Steps You Need To Get Started
  4. How To Use Personalized Videos In Your Sales Strategies
  5. Smarketing: What Are You Doing To Align Your Sales And Marketing Teams?

Download Dan's Presentation

Download Dan's Account-Based Marketing Hitlist and Messaging Template

Download Dan's ABM Buyer Profile Worksheet

Download Dan's Service Level Agreement (SLA) Template


The Human Marketing MachineClare-Richards-One-Squared-Green-Bay-2019

Creating Content & Strategies for People, not Robots [Workshop]

Strategy is no longer a buzzword; it's a tried-and-true tactic necessary to create a holistic, impactful marketing presence regardless of industry. Here's a practical yet powerful overview on perhaps the two most key aspects of any marketing strategy: humans and websites.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Which marketing trends will take off in 2020 - and how should you prepare for them?
  2. Marketing Strategies: they are more important than ever to help focus your efforts in a world saturated in endless marketing options
  3. Creating human-centric content that appeals to your personas
  4. Changes you should make to your website to get the most out of it in 2020


Download Clare's Presentation

Download Clare's Marketing Strategy and Campaign Template

Download Clare's Target Audience/Persona Worksheet

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