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Your logo should be more than just a standard font

Brand identity as a whole is a huge package. There are parts to it that form an identity such as colors, typeface, theme, etc. But a logo is the face of your creation, your brand, your company. Is your logo representing your brand like it should?

Leighton Interactive completes a thorough research process that factors in steps like market demand, persona highlights, competitor story, etc. These are paramount to forming your identity and casts you out into the marketplace as unique, different, and compelling.

When It's More Than Just A Logo Design…

Glacial Wood needed more than just a new logo, they needed a brand makeover. By asking questions like "why was your business created?" and "what values and beliefs unify your team?", we were able to define who Glacial Wood was and who they were not. From there, we worked with them to create a new identity system, website, and brand promise - and added a dash of inbound marketing to the mix.

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Brand Services

Our Step-by-Step Process

To each their own. Every brand is unique and therefore requires a unique creation process. There are, however, some steps we almost always follow when we create a brand:

  • Client Onboarding (discovery of who our clients are, why they exist, and what their goals are)
  • Defining a Persona
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Similar Industry Trend Research
  • Moodboard
  • Sketch Iterations
  • Several Developed Concepts
  • Internal Feedback
  • Final Logo and Brand Content
  • Client Presentation and Feedback
  • Brand Formation and Brand Guide
  • Final Result (A Unique Identity To Your Product)
  • The Numbers Don't Lie

    The average revenue increase attributed to always presenting the brand consistently is 23%. –Lucidpress

    Logo Design

    Below is a sampling of the brand work that we’ve done:

    Next Monday
    Glacial Wood
    Badge Messenger
    Clearwater Travel Plaza
    One Squared
    Achieve Clean
    Discrete Designs

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