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Email Marketing has Evolved

Email is forever – and it’s the most personalized, longest-lasting engagement of all content marketing. Think about it from your user’s point of view. You’re in their house, so to speak. Get their permission first, have a clear purpose, and remember, specificity is key.

Inbound Marketing + Email Marketing Services

There’s an email for everyone tailored to where they’re at in their journey. Email marketing is about expectations – the user’s. When executed properly, email marketing can be wielded as a tool that can improve the impact of your overall inbound marketing efforts.

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Email Marketing

Our Step-by-Step Process

to Email Marketing

The key to brand awareness, value sharing, and supporting sales enablement efforts is a bulletproof email marketing campaign that bolsters each of those areas. Here’s where we begin:

  • Scrub Contact Lists + Segmentation
  • Write Personalized, Authentic Emails
  • Ask Contacts for Engagement
  • Analyze Data + Adjust
  • Lead Nurturing

    One key to remember: don’t turn on the charm only when something is for sale, or constantly ask something of your prospect. That's not lead nurturing. Don’t ignore the unique needs of your user, and manage those leads properly.

    Email Workflows

    Take lead nurturing to the next level with crafted, intentional pathways that deliver the right content at the right time, to the right people. Each step a prospect takes can be met with an email from a particular workflow focused on nurturing the lead and providing value relevant to the buyer’s journey.

    HubSpot + Lists

    List segmentation saves lives. Well, it saves time and internal headaches (and external unsubscribers!) for your sales team.

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    The Numbers Don't Lie

    59 percent of marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation.

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