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Your Goals Recognized, Prioritized, & Strategized

The application of your campaign strategy identifies, reaches, and focuses on specific segments of your holistic inbound marketing plan and is referred to as a marketing campaign. Think of it as a coordinated series of content and activities targeted on a specific goal or area of genuine growth.

What is a Content Marketing Campaign?

It’s a mini sprint targeted at one specific challenge. Does your company want site visits? Social likes? Email conversions? Closed deals? A campaign strategy will act as a guiding roadmap or cookbook – call it what you want – highlighting the tactics we feel will help achieve your goals or address your challenge.

I'd like information on Marketing Campaigns & Strategies
Marketing Campaigns

Our Step-by-Step Process

to Marketing Campaigns

Your overall campaign strategy has presented initiatives for execution. Together, we’ll determine priority and formulate metrics for success.

  • Set SMART Goals
  • Brainstorm
  • Plan Timeline
  • Execute
  • Measure, Report, and Readjust
  • How Do We Come Up With Campaigns?

    Well, campaigns depend on two things – your unique challenge or issue, and what you hope your target audience will do to help you meet your goals. Leighton Interactive will conduct and compile the research and data to connect the two.

    What Happens Once a Campaign is Created?

    We’ll outline our recommendations – a roadmap of tactics and executionables and where they’ll live and how it all fits together complementarily – and you can employ it or our team can. A complete marketing campaign analysis will help you envision the long-term plan, kicked off with short-term tactics.

    I'd like information on Marketing Campaigns & Strategies

    The Numbers Don't Lie

    Marketers who set goals are 429 percent more likely to report success than those who don’t.

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