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Public Relations, not Press Releases

Modern public relations will make you stand out above your competition. Quit feeding the 24-hour news cycle and create your own buzz by building relationships with the right people to boost your online exposure.

Inbound Public Relations

Don’t wait for reporters to notice how remarkable your company is. Show them. Tell them. Tell your story first. It’ll drive traffic back to your website and can help spread the word throughout your industry.

Earned Media

Third-party validation goes a long way in the eyes of your prospective buyers. Influencers and reporters do not work for your company; they work for their audience. Our team has experience in the news industry and knows what reporters are looking for and how to grab their attention.

Awards + Conferences

Who doesn’t want to build thought leadership within their company? Identify awards and conferences that matter in your industry and get recognized for more than having a booth at a trade show.

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Our Step-by-Step Process

to Public Relations

  • Create Industry-Specific Media Lists
  • Build Strategic Relationships with Media and Influencers
  • Pitch Your Story
  • Distribute Story Using Current Marketing Efforts
  • Measure Success

    Long gone are the days of solely measuring reach and impressions. Inbound public relations enhance your current marketing efforts and connect communications to business outcomes. The list of benefits is long, but here are a few of the reasons you should invest:

    • Backlinks from credible websites
    • Increase in website traffic and sessions
    • Website rank & referring domains
    • New contacts & database growth 
    • Conversions 
    • Attribute new leads and business back to PR 
    • Brand Awareness in your industry
    • Build relationships with industry media outlets

    Public relations isn’t hard or expensive — unless you’re doing it wrong. Leave the research, relationship building, storytelling, and pitching up to us. We know how to get results — here’s proof.

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    The Numbers Don't Lie

    73 percent of marketers say positive earned media contributes greatly to customer loyalty efforts, building brand awareness, and sustaining brand health.

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