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PR Stands for Public Relations

But we prefer People & Relationships, because that's what it boils down to. Building relationships with the right people at the right companies to boost your online exposure.

Inbound Marketing + Public Relations

On any given day, your brand’s reputation can flourish or crumble based on the opinions of online users. In a digital world consumed by three billion people, how do you reach those online users? How do you change or maintain their opinions towards your brand, products, and services? You engage with and listen to them, but ultimately, you need to build relationships with the people that have the biggest influence on them (media and online influencers).

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Our Step-by-Step Process

to Public Relations

  • Create Media Contact Lists (in all Industries)
  • Distribute Press Releases
  • Manage Online Reputation and Thought Leadership (Leadership Profiles)
  • Build Strategic Relationships With Media and Influencers
  • Research and Plan Speaking Opportunities
  • What Does the ROI From PR Efforts Look Like?

    Here are a few benefits that result from a strategic public relations management plan for your brand and people:

    • Increased Backlinks, Website Traffic, and Website Rank
    • Growth in Social Media Presence and Reputation
    • Brand Awareness and Exposure
    • Additional Media Coverage and Future Opportunities

    Leave it to us to research and build relationships with the people and companies who can get you the publicity your brand desires. They’re the "people" we want to help you call "your people" someday.

    I'd like information on Public Relations

    The Numbers Don't Lie

    60 percent of marketing execs believe PR and marketing will be dramatically more aligned in the near future.

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