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Do you Need More Likes?

Having a social presence isn’t enough anymore. There’s strategy involved with every single social media platform available to businesses. The benefits of social media are plentiful and powerful, ranging from content promotion and idea generation, gaining social insights on users, SEO, and highlighting new opportunities.

Inbound Marketing + Social Media Management

The full spectrum of the inbound methodology can and should live in your social media efforts, too. Your company can have just as many opportunities at closing and delighting customers as it does attracting them.

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Our Step-by-Step Process

to Social Media Management

  • User Research Based on Persona
  • Determine Channels Best Suited for Goals
  • Implement Social Strategy Including Content Calendar
  • Establish Delight Phase Tactics + Ongoing Value
  • Paid Ads

    Traffic problems? Paid ads act like a targeted recruitment system – getting the right people to the right content based on behavior and online habits, and favorite watering holes.

    Content Calendars + HubSpot

    Consider content calendars the cookbook or tactics for your success. Social media happens quickly – but an established content calendar and strategy helps provide a foundation and balance for what you’re trying to accomplish.

    I'd like information on Social Media

    The Numbers Don't Lie

    2.8 billion people in the world are active on social.

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