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Your Website Should be More Than a Brochure

When it comes to website design and development for inbound marketing, there’s no such thing as a template. Every single website we build and optimize is unique in its design, UX, and opportunities for conversion. Leighton Interactive crafts a data-driven digital presence that aligns with your brand, your industry, and your users.

Inbound Marketing + Web Design and Development

Content needs to exist for everyone visiting your site – prospects and customers. Let’s say you sell lawnmowers. Would your inbound website only list product catalogs and features and benefits of what’s for sale? No. A carefully crafted website would include research for buyers, add-ons and services for current customers, and other delight-worthy content that appeals to owners and potential owners.

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Our Step-by-Step Process

To Web Design & Development

While each website project is unique, we are typically able to launch a new website within 60-90 days. Whether we're executing every aspect (research, design, writing, etc) or partnering with you to work on certain elements, our aim is to help you launch a conversion-focused website - a 24/7 digital sales person - within a quick timeframe.

  • Audit Current Website + Analyze Data
  • Conduct User Research
  • Redesign With Functionality
  • Launch
  • Test and Adapt
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Why Continuous Improvement?

    The internet changes daily, as does the way users consume websites. Because of this, our approach to website design is to continuously improve. That means launching quickly and responding to actual user data so we can craft a conversion tool that’s tailored to real visitors, not based on our own assumptions. We’ve got a whole methodology behind this approach, but here’s an overview.

    • Keeps User Front and Center
    • Iterative Changes Timed Perfectly
    • Less Time
    • Real Data
    • Wishlist, big Picture Items Have Priority
    • Cheaper
    • No Overhaul or Lengthy Timeline

    In the business world, what doesn’t change?

    A website that’s built for continuous improvements to accommodate change is a website that will be successful.

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    The Numbers Don't Lie

    10 seconds – the total amount of time your site has to leave an impression on the user.
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