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Develop & Foster Relationships With Your Online Audience

When it comes to inbound marketing, website blogging is what we refer to as the O.G. – or original goldmine. It’s no secret today’s consumers are looking for different ways to solve their problems, and those solutions usually live online. 

Inbound Marketing + Blogs

Knowing this, your business can benefit from website blogging simply because you have a product or service you’re promoting. Your target audience is looking for content connected to your line of business in order to move them through their journey to solving their issue.

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Our Step-by-Step Process

to Writing Blogs

  • Establish Thought Leadership and Areas of Expertise for Your Team of Authors
  • Flesh out Buyer’s Journey for Awareness, Consideration, and Decision-Based Content
  • Create a Content Calendar to Outline Topics, Keywords, Stage, Publish Dates
  • Establish Process for Writer, Gather Content, Research, Execute
  • Review, Edit, Approve, Publish
  • Monitor Success and Develop a Plan for Reoptimizing Content
  • Importance of Personas:

    You can’t be something to everyone. It’s integral to develop buyer personas for your brand so you have ideal customers in mind when crafting and writing blogs.

    Blogs are for the User and Google:

    But mostly for the user! Where’s the value of website blogging if you can’t serve it directly to your personas? Include keyterms and SEO into every piece of content – including blogs – to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.

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    The Numbers Don't Lie

    80 percent of purchase decision makers prefer to get information in a series of articles versus advertisements.

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