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Posted by: Dominique Bohler on Mon, Oct 30, 2017

10 HubSpot Partners Share The Precise Tactics That Helped Them Win an Impact Award

Bridget Deutz, Leighton Interactive

Award Won: Website Design


  1. Start with the goal in mind and track toward that. We always start with the goal, then work on the steps + tactics that it may take us to get there
  2. Full Transparency: both internally and with clients. We are 100% honest with where projects are at, where we’re tracking on our goal, and what is and isn’t working. This allows us to stay on top of projects, adjust course as needed, and do what’s best for our clients + their goals.
  3. Build a team of Experts. At Leighton Interactive, we’re clear about who is experts in what area, and when + where we are in our Zone of Genius. We all contribute, innovate, ask questions, and support each other — all for the client goal.

Challenges We Overcame: Client success doesn’t just ride on the shoulders of one or two people on our team. We collaborate and decide who is best for which projects, and pull in our team as needed. We set clear goals and expectations so that in our mission to solve for the client, everyone is satisfied.

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