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Posted by: Dominique Bohler on Thu, Nov 30, 2017

35 SEO Experts Share Their Favorite Features from Popular SEO Tools

Original content can be found at: https://databox.com/popular-seo-tools-most-valuable-features 

Travis McGinnis
Leighton Interactive

Best Part of This Tool: We can see which search queries brought actual traffic to the site. Further, we can see where the site ranks for those terms, how many clicks (visits) they’ve sent our way and how many impressions (searches) our page appeared in the SERPs for.

We can also filter out branded terms to gauge how a site is performing over time for non-branded searches, which is really where the value is with the Search Console.

Needs Improvement: Right now, Google Search Console only keeps data for the last 90 days. Unless we download the data every quarter, we have no way of knowing how a site is performing over a period longer than 90 days.

Since SEO takes much longer than 90 days to start working, we’re forced to download historical data so we can see how a site ranked last year versus how it’s ranking today for any given set of terms.

Likelihood to recommend (out of 10)? 8

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