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Posted by: Dominique Bohler on Thu, Dec 29, 2016

Leighton Interactive Announces Pro Bono Website Audit Service for 2017

- Leighton Interactive has launched their Data4Designs Report; a free website audit for any business ready to take the next step with their website in 2017. The report features an overall performance score for of the business's website, a competitor comparison report, and if permitted, a user-interaction report of heat maps and recordings that show user interaction on three webpages.

The purpose of the Data4Designs report will be to shift the perceptions businesses have towards their website and how it performs. The report will cultivate discussions around data and analytics in order to better understand users’ experiences online. It has also benefited businesses that don't have access to detailed website analytics, but have the resources to implement the changes recommended on their own.

In order to generate a valuable audit, businesses are asked to list three of their top competitors, their website’s biggest challenge, and provide recommendations for which webpages they want analyzed. Previous business owners and marketers who requested a Data4Designs report have been able to make some quick adjustments to improve conversions after receiving their results. Many have especially enjoyed the heat maps and click data to alter some key landing pages. 

The Data4Designs report is open to any business located in the United States. Businesses interested in thinking differently about their website are encouraged to sign up for their free website audit with Leighton Interactive at: http://www.leightoninteractive.com/website-audit-offer

  • "Wow! I need to get our sales people in here right now to see this!” - Business owner after reviewing their report
  • "After monitoring the user behavior, Leighton Interactive is usually able to make some brief recommendations based on the data. Even though the report is brief, businesses have been able to make some surface-level changes that immediately improve the experience and on-page conversions." - Dan Soldner, President of Leighton Interactive

Website Overall Score
Website Click Heatmap
Website Scroll Heatmap

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