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Posted by: Alison Schroeder on Tue, Nov 05, 2019

Leighton Interactive Selected As Campaign Partner for United Way of Central Minnesota

Because Change Doesn't Happen Alone

There are good companies and bad companies. Fruitful organizations and ones that don't make the cut or fit the bill. Every organization comes and goes. All businesses break apart or cease to be. So what's important? At Leighton Interactive, we have a few core values; however, we've noticed ourselves repeating two time and time again: "Serve Others" and "Give A Damn". 

So many companies slog through the workweek and, on Saturday morning, have nothing of which they can be proud. Maybe they closed a deal for a quick quarter million, or maybe they kept a client that was on the verge of switching companies, but for our company priorities reside in making a difference. We "Give A Damn" about not only enriching our clients, but also enriching our communities.

United Way of Central Minnesota Logo

Everything is so much better when you can give back to your local community. Community service programs can even grow your business. It gets even better when you can say for certain that people around you are better off because you lended a helping hand.

We routinely look for people who "Serve Others" because it means that a person can serve your clients and impact those around them. There's so much joy that comes with serving others; however, until now we haven't been able to serve our community as much as we'd like, given the obligation we have to our clients. This period of time just ended for us.   

We are proud to announce that Leighton Interactive has been selected to partake in a community-changing partnership with United Way of Central Minnesota. On October 15th, 2019 we were selected by United Way as its new long-term marketing partner and we couldn't be more happy.

United Way volunteer folding clothesLeighton Interactive was selected to be United Way's marketing partner for its campaign year and beyond. With this commitment, we are doing everything in our power to make United Way the best it can be. We hope, that by virtue of this partnership, we can help the organization grow and achieve its goals for servicing the community. 

With this partnership, Leighton Interactive will be able to serve its community by assisting United Way with any and all marketing efforts. We hope that our expertise can be leveraged to make more people aware of the great programs that this company hosts and how they can be involved in changing the lives of others.

Who They Are

United Way serves the Central Minnesota community by collaborating with local volunteers and organizations to enhance the lives of community members. It does this by providing resources and support for needs within Central Minnesota's vast and diverse communities. Earlier this year we took part as an agency in their Day of Caring event and we were so impressed by their efforts to make the St. Cloud community a better place that we pooled all of our manpower to craft them a spectacular campaign aimed at their target personas by demographic of affinity and interest. 

As we took to our community centers to help people in need, we knew there was something special about this company. United Way hopes to improve the lives of people in Central Minnesota, one community at a time. They are responsible for organizing and funding community events across the state, and the effects are felt by thousands of people every year. They are devoted to doing good with whatever resources they have, big or small. 


The community has always been important to us. It has been especially important to our President, Dan Soldner who loves working with nonprofits and cultivating a work-life that goes beyond monetary value. According to Dan, working with United Way is good for the soul.

"One of our core values is to serve others, which perfectly aligns with the work United Way does for the community. We are honored and humbled to be selected by the United Way of Central Minnesota board members as their marketing partner.” 

-Dan Soldner, President 


The Journey to Leighton

You might be shocked to find out that Millennials give to charity more so than previous generations. The problem is that they do it less frequently. But it isn't all about money, the same applies to volunteering at community centers and non-profits. So maybe a Millennial donates a large portion of their paycheck or gives an entire day to a soup kitchen, but the times that they are doing it are few and far between. 

This problem has been negatively affecting charities and community service programs for the last few years. These organizations are grateful for the time and money that younger people commit, but they need help constantly to make their programs effective. Even if you reduced the time and money that Millennials gave, but made sure that they did it on a consistent basis, communities would be better-served. 

United Way is no stranger to this phenomenon. As generations get older, good help has been hard to find. The main challenge rests in volunteering. Nonprofits are hungry for volunteers every day, but are often hard to find. Leighton Interactive has been working to craft a campaign that reminds Millennials to get involved, even if it's just a little at a time. Many hands make light work, and we are striving to add volunteers to the pool of workers. 

We're aiming to assist United Way by revitalizing their brand and messaging. Over the next few months, we'll work to create a human-centric campaign that speaks to people on an emotional level. Additionally, we'll identify personas United Way can use to better speak to their prospective volunteers and donors. Finally, we'll weave it all with the magic of storytelling that will make people excited to get out and make a difference in the life of someone less fortunate. 



Looking Forward to Change

Words cannot express how thankful and ecstatic we are about this new partnership. Few times in life we are able to make changes that have profound impacts on people around us. Central Minnesota presents new challenges unique to our area. We understand the challenges, being Central Minnesotans ourselves. No one will change the world for you. With this partnership, we're looking to get our hands dirty and change it ourselves. 


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