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Posted by: Dominique Bohler on Thu, Jun 01, 2017

What’s The Future Of Backlinks?

Travis McGinnis, Technical Marketing Manager at Leighton Interactive

“Backlinks are the voting system of the internet. Since it’s so difficult to get good backlinks, I see them becoming even more powerful in the future. With algorithms becoming more human-like every day, I won’t be surprised if search engines will be able to give weight to a backlink by indexing the actual content of the page down to the preferences of the individual searcher. Similar to what we’re seeing now with customized search results, but implemented into the backlinking algorithms.

Getting a backlink from a popular site will be the crème de la crème for SEOs more than it is now, and the competition for those backlinks will become even more coveted. Long form content of exceptional value will become the norm and will continue to push the “fluff” content lower down the SERPs. Users will expect great content, and Google will continue honoring sites that have it.”

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