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Brandon Philbrick

Connecting the strings of my heart, to my head, to my hand ... I transform free floating ideas into substantial results. Creative problem solver. Artist. Inbound gangster. 

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Brandon's Story

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As Creative Director at Leighton Interactive, Brandon is the art and idea guy. He loves to create. With a decade plus of experience, he enjoys kicking up dust in the marketing world and turning this dust into something substantial that the Leighton tribe and clients can feel. Brandon believes that there is no better feeling than creating something from nothing. Brandon will be sharing his insights on Capturing Culture: Discovering the Unseen.


About His Presentation

capturing culture: discovering the unseen

Culture is everything. When you look beyond the fun and perks, what's there? How do you capture an unseen, unsaid, set of beliefs? 

  • In this breakout session you will learn how to look beyond the surface and dig into the true core of your business to discover and define the essence of your company, and put it into action. Set core values, create a culture code, and start enhancing your company's personality to attract the people you want. 
  • What is Culture?
  • Discovering Your Core Values
  • Inspirational Cultures (Netflix, HubSpot)
  • Developing Your Own Culture Code (View Leighton Interactive's Culture Code)
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