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$145,300 in new revenue in first 8 months

When we first met Bernick’s, they were considering marketing agencies from all across the United States. Let’s just say there were some pretty big players at the table. But even from the beginning, we stood out. While the other agencies were really interested in doing what Bernick’s wanted them to do, we were challenging their way of doing things and taking their ideas even further than they had.

This helped Bernick’s see the value we would bring as their marketing partner, and it led to them eventually choosing us. They realized they didn’t just want a marketing agency who did what they were told, they wanted a marketing partner that brought new ideas and innovative ways to solve problems.

From the get-go, Bernick’s had a long list of goals they wanted to accomplish. They wanted to improve how their website worked, they wanted to reach people they hadn’t before. They also wanted to cut through a saturated market, the customers of their competitors were too loyal to switch, and they were concerned they had tapped their immediate market. So we got to work.

About Bernick's

Bernick’s, a fifth generation, family-owned food and beverage distributor located in Central Minnesota, has been in business since 1916. Their marketing knowledge and experience was very focused on traditional, outbound marketing tactics. As a company, they are dedicated to providing premium services, maintaining a quality portfolio, and investing in their communities. To date, Bernick’s gives back 5% of its net income to the communities they serve.

Bernick’s was seeking a website redesign that would accurately represent them in all facets. Not just as a beverage distributor or any regular old B2B company. They wanted a website that would reflect the massive scope of their comprehensive beverage, grocery, vending, and service offerings.

They wanted a website that highlighted their unique culture, rich history, and community leadership. Bernick’s wanted a website that could increase revenue opportunities, obtain potential suppliers, appeal to new Team Members, and benefit the communities they serve. And they were seeking out a marketing company to help get them there.


Their Challenge

In addition to goals, Bernick’s also came to us with a handful of sales objections. They thought:

  • Their sales staff was already reaching out to every possible opportunity
  • Their current market was saturated
  • Their competitors’ customers would never switch to Bernick’s

And while they had plenty of evidence and experience to support these beliefs, we had a strong feeling that a fresh approach and an intentional, well-designed website could overcome them. And because this is still a numbers game, we set a monthly goal of 25 SQLs generated via their website, and we got to work.


Our Solution

In the simplest terms, we turned Bernick’s website into a magnet. We dug in and got to know who Bernick’s was, how they wanted to represent themselves to the world, and who their ideal customers were. From there, we created content backed by research that spoke directly to the needs and problems prospective customers experience. We developed a set of standards for representing the Bernick’s brand (which are still in use to this day).

We optimized existing content, developed strategies for sharing it, and began managing their social media accounts. Throughout every step, we always kept an eye on analytics and a focus on continuous improvement. Then, we created a pathway for their website visitors to become customers. We engaged their prospects with landing pages, calls-to-action, downloadable offers, and personalized emails and workflows. Each engagement worked to move website visitors closer toward wanting to become a Bernick’s customer - and it worked.

Each of those sales objections Bernick’s had when we started our partnership fell to the wayside. There was plenty of opportunity in what they thought of as a saturated market. There were customers that their current sales staff hadn’t reached out to, and the customers of their competitors were willing to switch. They just needed access to the right experience and a nudge in the right direction.

Stats Galore!

Increase in
new contacts
Sessions via
Social Media
SQLs in
First Month


Jill Kampa | Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Bernick's

The Rest is History

Over the years, our relationship with Bernick’s has continued to evolve and thrive. What started as a partnership for a new website has grown into 4+ years of working side by side to plan marketing campaigns and continue working towards accomplishing their goals. Now, they rely on us for our expertise and recommendations on areas related to content creation, human resources and recruiting, social media management, and more. We are truly an extension of their marketing department and a trusted business partner.



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