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Their Challenge

Geringhoff is a German- based agriculture company with its American manufacturing headquarters in St. Cloud. They came to us in 2016 looking to add inbound marketing into their strategy and update their website, more specifically their “Build a Head” tool. This “Build a Head” tool enabled users to do just that – build a custom combine header based on crop specifications and combine manufacturer. From there, potential customers could build the corn (or other crop) header to their exacting specifications, print it, and find a dealer to bring it to life.

The problem with the tool was its lack of intuition and outdated properties that didn’t match the user of today’s online profile. Geringhoff placed a big emphasis on a revamped “Build a Head” tool that would help users come to their own conclusions about the implement equipment they were looking for. Our web developer, Scott Sandbakken, was tasked with creating a better Build a Head tool as part of the website strategy.


Our Solution

One of the first steps we take with new clients is to review current website structure and any proprietary tools or plug-ins they might have. The next was to understand the logic of the tool. In order to build a tool that would be accurate and responsive, he had to map out all possible combinations a user could potentially select to make sure it would be included in the final output. Next, Scott had to determine what would be the most comprehensive order for the users to select.

In our office, there is always debate over form versus functionality. Is it better to have the site look beautiful and sound brilliant or is it better to have it work. We agreed that websites built for the optimal inbound experience have to be pretty and powerful. Once Scott nailed down the logic, he built the interface using JavaScript/HTML. He played with graphics, menus, whether it could be broken, and the “backup” button so someone could change their input without starting over. He also integrated Google Maps into a “Find a Dealer” tool that allowed the user to find the closest dealer to purchase their custom combine head. Lastly, he pulled in real time data connected to the company’s available inventory where prior; the lists were static, not tied to a database. This way, headers could be added or removed without touching the code.

Stats Galore!

The find a dealer tool received:

Increase In

"For an international company like Geringhoff, the user experience on their website can have a massive impact on the company, world-wide. We had the pleasure of creating a custom tool that helped a user choose a Geringhoff product. This was particularly impactful because there are many variables that determine the right product. To help users understand this was vital to the success of the website. With hundreds upon hundreds of variables, we created a smooth experience that not only helped users understand the product, but also enabled online lead generation. "

Emily Pederson | Account Manager, Leighton Interactive

The Results

The outcome was a functional, intuitive tool that had the “Find a Dealer” tool and connected directly to Geringhoff’s inventory. In just six months, the custom “Build a Head” tool received 3,886 pageviews and an average of 1:19 total time spent on the page.

Their inbound campaign was comprised of 10 blogs that focused on grower content, increased their total site traffic by 31 percent, their sources by 200 percent (organic), and their average conversion rate to 5 percent. Their contacts increased outrageously, by 486 percent.

What looks like a simple tool from the user’s perspective was a large labor of love for our web developer, Scott. The impact was as significant as the effort.



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