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Their Challenge

iJetColor by Printware first learned about Leighton Interactive in September of 2016. At that time, Tim Murphy, president of iJetColor by Printware, submitted a website audit request where he indicated the biggest website challenge for their company: “Develop better ongoing metrics of site visits - improve ease/usage and track visits per month and ultimately grow inbound requests for information.” At the time he submitted the audit request, iJetColor used a very traditional approach to marketing. Their mindset was familiar with more outbound marketing approaches like direct mail, cold calling, and trade shows.

The iJetColor team told us “we’re doing enough, we just want to see if we can do a little more.” Their business wasn’t failing. They weren’t losing to the competition. They were satisfied and hitting goals, but just wanted to see what more revenue would do for their business.


Our Solution

A new way to generate leads would stretch the sales team to think and do business differently. We knew this would take patience, education, and proof of results in order to get this team on board with inbound marketing.

Based on these objections, our strategy focused on the following:

  • High impact pages with completely new copy, graphics, and design
  • Migration pages with minor changes to design but streamlined to match new site style
  • Continuous improvements that involved bringing the website pages up to par with new design on a monthly basis

The high impact pages were executed within a 60-day timeframe. We also completed 13 migration pages, added a blog and testimonial page, created CTAs, Landing Pages, and Follow-up Emails.

During these 60 days, education was essential. We took the iJetColor team through the inbound methodology step-by-step.

Stats Galore!

After launching the new site …

Per Month
Landing Page
Conversion Rate
To Date

"Since working with the Leighton team, we have seen an increase in leads from our website and more importantly, the quality of the leads has also increased. The flow and positioning of the CTA’s to attract interested prospects have worked well. Also - the HubSpot dashboard is a very effective way to track and report on prospects in real time, and helps us close more of the leads."

Bill Frederick | Director of Sales, iJetColor

The Results

Prior to inbound marketing, iJetColor was receiving an average of 25 leads per month. After launching the updated site and inbound marketing, they are now receiving an average of 51 leads per month. Not only did this number double, the delivery of these leads is now entirely automated. The form notifications provide a big win for streamlining productivity and qualification with the sales team.

The site is now generating leads and providing additional benefits, such as opportunities for nurturing and conversion that didn’t exist prior, updated + reorganized navigation, and an improved user experience and identified buyer’s journey.




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